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A song is a musical composition that uses vocals. It is a single, repetitive piece of music that a musician creates. Examples include the Beatles’ “Let it Be,” which repeats the same words over again. The title is a good example of a chorus. The verse and pre-chorus are reduced in length, while the chorus is a repeated sentiment. Many songs end with a chorus.

An NSONG note would include a “topic” description. A “topic” definition would be a non-trivial treatment of the work, i.e., not simply a reference to the song, the band, or publication. This description would not contain non-substantial details. It will only mention the author of the song. Usually, the subject is the album title, but not always.

An article in Wikipedia can be interpreted in ways that favor an album’s article over a song. For example, it could state that “an album’s song” is a “non-novel work,” or it could be a re-review. The article in question is not a Wikipedia article. It is a separate piece of media. In addition to describing a particular track’s context, it also describes the artist, song, and genre.

In addition to the genre, songs can be used in various contexts. Some are performed live, while others are recorded as audio or video. They can be performed simultaneously in theater, musicals, and stage shows. The songwriters may also use a song for commercial purposes. A song can appear on the website of a book, film, or TV show. In this case, it must be a song that has been published or released by another medium.


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