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Why Wan-Bissaka is one of the main culprits for Manchester United’s failures

In the 13th round of the English Premier League, Manchester United played away against Chelsea. Londoners were considered the favorite of the match, but the “Red Devils” under the leadership of temporary manager Michael Carrick fought for their honor and dignity. They could have lost, but it was important to show their fans a desire to fight to the last, with which United had problems lately under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

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By the 67th minute, Manchester United were leading 1-0, gaining an incredible psychological advantage over their opponents. Chelsea had a colossal advantage over their opponents in the first half (9: 1 this is only the statistics of strikes, 3: 0 hits on target), pretty much exhausting the guests’ defense, and only the luck and skill of David De Gea helped the “Red Devils” to survive, not missing until the break.

At the beginning of the second half, Jorginho made a terrible mistake, who actually assisted Jadon Sancho. The swift-footed Englishman dashed to Chelsea’s goal and beat Edouard Mendy in close combat without any problems.

It would seem that after such a blow “under the gut” the hosts are unlikely to find the strength to at least recoup, especially since United, as they say, “flooded” in defense. The attacking Chelsea players began to get nervous, in a hurry, which is why they often sinned by marriage, making the wrong or ill-considered decisions. All this was in the hands of Manchester United, and Carrick and the fans of the guests were already rubbing their hands.

Suddenly, Aaron Wan-Bissaka came to the fore. It was he who ruined everything when, in the 67th minute, while in his own penalty area, recklessly kicked in the leg of Chelsea defender Thiago Silva. The 37-year-old Blues veteran was a fraction of a second ahead of Wan-Bissaka, after which the latter’s attempt to play the ball was doomed to failure.

The match referee Anthony Taylor immediately pointed to 11 meters, and his assistants, having watched the episode replay using VAR, confirmed the correctness of the head referee’s verdict. From the point of view, Jorginho rehabilitated himself for his misfire at the beginning of the second half, giving De Gea not the slightest chance of success.

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Former Liverpool and England defender Jamie Carragher, commenting on the game on Sky Sports, said: “I think it’s a penalty. Wan-Bissaka acted extremely carelessly. He kicked Tiago Silva in the leg. Everyone saw it. Sheer recklessness on the part of Wan-Bissaki. I wonder what he was thinking at all in this episode? Instead of a potential victory over the leader of the standings, Manchester United took only a draw from Stamford Bridge, and fans on social networks began to actively vacuum Wan-Bissaku. An Englishman with Ivorian roots was not called as soon as possible. We simply cannot cite half of the expressions within the framework of the material, guided by banal ethics and the principles of correctness.

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But, in fairness, Wan-Bissaka’s critics have every right to scold the player, because the fail against Chelsea is not the only one for Aaron during the season.

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