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Why should you use silicone houseware and kitchenware?

House tools, kitchen equipment, and utensils are manufactured from different things such as wood, steel, plastic, and more. However, in the last few years, silicone houseware and kitchenware have gained much fame. So, what makes these products better than the rest? Should you use silicone products? Are they safe?

Silicone is a human-made composition of inorganic silicone and organic oxygen which binds to the silicone atoms. It has several uses in different forms;

  • It can be used as a sealant during the construction and maintenance of a property.
  • It works as grease in plumbing to prevent the o-rings in faucets.
  • It is also used in producing parchment paper to prevent food from sticking.
  • It is used in non-stick sprays.
  • Liquid silicone overmolding supports ergonomics in applications such as health and baby care. It offers impact resistance and vibration prevention.
  • Silicone rubber is used to produce kitchen spatulas and other spoons.

Why are silicone products and kitchenware different?

Silicone houseware and cooking tools have unique specifications that offer benefits over other materials such as plastic, rubber, and wood. Check out some of the characteristics they have:

Silicone items have high heat resistance: Silicone cooking utensils can withstand heat up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. So, if you are using a silicone spatula or whisk while cooking, you can leave it inside the pot, and there is no risk of burning. You can dip it in hot water or oil.

Silicone items have zero stain issues: It is majorly due to the non-porosity of silicone. It does not catch the color or odor of any food or dye you have used it for. If you have faced issues removing color stains from spoons or ice makers, or any other product, you can use porous and silicone products to avoid it.

Silicone utensils and houseware have a rubber-like feel: This special feature of silicone products makes them very user-friendly when working with non-stick products. It doesn’t lead to dents or damage to non-stick pans and pots as metal and wood spoons do. The amazing flexibility of silicone products, spatulas, or other items makes them amazingly user-friendly and damage-free.

Silicone cooking utensils depreciate slow and are non-corrosive: It is safe to use silicone utensils for food. You can cook and store anything in silicone utensils. There is no reaction between silicone and any food or beverage. While metals tend to rust if exposed to specific acids while preparing food, silicone doesn’t. It also doesn’t have any bad reaction when exposed to extreme temperatures. It means it lasts longer than the other materials present in your kitchen (steel, aluminum, and plastic)

Silicone products are safe to use: Silicone products have been marked as safe to use items by Health Canada. There are technically no health hazards linked with using silicone products.

So, if you want to bring a new line of products into your house, silicone houseware is the best option. Buy at wholesale prices from New Top Rubber and enjoy these new products in your kitchen and home.