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Why Do People Prefer Double-glazed French Doors for Their Homes?

The interior design market of Australia brings around $3.3billion into the Australian economy. Around 160,000 designers are employed to design and manufacture doors for homes every year.

Have they ever heard of French doors double-glazed? Well, the speciality of these doors is mentioned in its name. Homeowners can open them inwards or outwards based on their convenience. They need not open both doors during every use. Rather, they can access only one door whenever necessary. These doors are customizable based on the required size and styling of the rooms. All French doors have the option to attach a screen to the doors.

Read further to know the different materials used to make these doors. They also provide numerous options among frames.

French doors occupy two panes of glass with a very narrow gap of dry air that fills within. Homeowners and home designers consider them worthy as stylish, provide home security, and are sustainable. Below are the different frame options these doors provide. French doors are available in various quality materials.

UPVC (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride)

French doors made of these materials are available in various colours. Compared to other materials, these are the most economical and well-known for their high insulating property. Without any doubt, UPVC is the material most people opt for while designing their doors.


While considering the home aesthetics, aluminium frames make the best choice for French doors. It gives the house a modern and aesthetic look that other materials do not. It is also a durable metal but has relatively low insulating properties. These factors make aluminium French doors best suited for homes with a particular style. And they are installed away from the heat.


The advantageous factors of timber are that it offers the highest insulating property. It is easy to design and paint over to suit the room. On the other hand, timber requires some maintenance and can be relatively more expensive than UPVC and aluminium.


French doors double-glazed with fibreglass frame designs offer flexible options with shapes, sizes, and colours. Fibreglass provides high durability, insulation and pivoting energy efficiency. It also provides a glass-like finishing, adding to the aesthetics.

Additional Benefits Come Along with French Doors Double-glazed

Depletion of Carbon Emission

Installing these doors on the premises helps reduce the usage of energy. It eventually leads to the depletion of carbon footprint by the homeowners on the Earth.

Limiting Electricity Bill Amounts

As the doors are transparent, they can effortlessly reflect heat into the room, thereby reducing the usage of the heating system. During the hot Australian summers, when the temperature can go over 30 °C (86 °F), the extra door integrated within keeps the cold air from exiting the room. You don’t have to have solar roof panels to be more environmentally friendly with your energy usage, there are other ways to do it that are more affordable. One way is to switch to an energy provider that offers solar rates like Pulse Power rates; a great way to save money on your energy bill while also doing your part to help the environment.


These doors make the house an acoustic reducer as they secure the sound within the home and keep the unwanted noise away from the limits of the house. This factor is highly favourable for the residents’ privacy. It also helps those residing close to busy locations like the Melbourne airport, M1 Motorway or in cities like Sydney.

Intensified Security

These doors have added layers, making them unbreakable, driving out any uninvited burglars or intruders from homes. The residents can stay inside the house safely and in peace.


UPVC material consists of 50% chlorine, unlike the commonly available plastic. Hence, French double-glazed doors made of UPVC protect the residents and the assets from fire accidents.

Easy Access

As the doors are accessible both ways (inward and outward), it is incredibly utilitarian. During shifting, family gatherings, or parties, it provides a wide entrance that is welcoming.


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