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What To Look For When Buying The Ultimate Polo Shirt

This type of shirt is among the essential pieces of clothing to include in your closet. It blends the formality of a sleeved polo with the ease of a T-shirt, making it appropriate for both formal and casual occasions.

You can also have custom polo shirts because of their adaptability. It is critical to select the appropriate fabric, pattern, and size when purchasing. This buying guide will help you in making the best decision. 

What is a Polo?

Polo is a T-shirt featuring a collar, a two-or three-button fastening, and maybe a breast pocket. They are primarily knitted cotton instead of woven cloth and are usually in jersey knitting. 

These mixtures include Barbados cotton, silk, sheep wool, and synthetic fibres. This type of shirt is commonly known as “polo”, derived from the idea for the style of clothing, “The Polo“.

Factors to Consider

  • Fit and Form

The most significant part of the polo shirt style is probably the fit. Unfortunately, many historical companies continue to use decades-old designs and techniques based on outmoded body types.

It’s crucial to look for manufacturers that use a modern pattern block to create a natural fit that’s neither too slim nor too bulky, but it must depend on your choice. Other considerations for the ideal polo fit involve:

  • Sleeve height: The sleeve should extend mid-bicep to display just enough shoulder.
  • Slit of the Polo: There are various plackets on polo shirts. You can look for something that gives the garment a more distinct, classical aspect.

The placket should often have three or four buttons, as this provides the optimal length for the polo shirt to look beautiful buttoned or half unbuttoned.

  • Arm openings: The arm openings must be appropriately designed for the polo to hang correctly. ‘Does it fit like your favourite jacket?’ ask yourself when trying on a polo shirt. If the response is no, you should continue your search.
  • Hem split: The right one will have a division at the hem, usually not much of an inch, to achieve the proper fit around the waist. There must be no elongated tails because they are more appropriate for sports polos.
  • Your Specific Needs

When browsing for or ordering  custom polo shirts, your requirements are the most crucial factor to consider. For example, do you require it to make you presentable at work? Or perhaps you want to stock up on essentials for your outfit. Polo shirts, fortunately, are the best option for these needs.

Some industries use it as a uniform, such as schools, media, tourism, and many more. But, on the other hand, if you’re establishing your wardrobe with staple pieces that you can wear every day, it’s a terrific option.

  • Type of Fabric

Polo shirts are commonly made of cotton or polyester. Cotton is an organic material prized for its softness, lightness, and breathability.

The two can blend perfectly, while polyester is durable in wrinkle tolerance, form retention, and quick-drying qualities.

Thanks to the cotton-polyester blend fabric, you’ll get a sturdy polo, low-maintenance and comfy for everyday use.

  • Price

The cost is the last item on your list of things that you should consider. The best part is that you don’t have to break the bank to stock your wardrobe with high-quality products. For example, some companies sell low-cost polo shirts.

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