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What to Consider When Selecting a Car Washing Machine

A car washing machine has spraying abilities whose primary purpose is to clean vehicles and other machines. It uses electricity to operate .some are automatic while others need someone to use them in working. This article will focus on the factors to consider when selecting a car washing machine.

Before buying a car washing machine, there are questions to be asked. Is this what I want? Will it serve me well? Is this size able to satisfy my wants? Can I meet the cost? Will it last long? And many other questions. To answer these questions, you have to look at some factors and features of the car washing machine to get the answers. Those factors include the type of motor, power, and speed, pressure, not forgetting nozzles and pump head material as discussed;

Type of Motor

There are two types of motor, the brush motor which is famous for washing mini cars and is cheap. The magic motor, commonly known as the induction, is more technologically advanced than the brush motor; the load capacity is high, and its durability makes less noise. The disadvantage is it is so expensive and huge to carry.

Power and Speed

Most car washers have the same level of power of between 1,100W to 2000 W. It is vital to consider when selecting one. High power capacity provides high pressure; the higher the power, the higher the car wash machine price in Kenya. With speed and engine speed determines pressure too, and that determines noise it produces too. Higher speed machines are expensive. So it is advisable to select low-power machines with high-speed ones. Home care washers usually have a speed of about 2800rpm to 3000rpm.

Pressure and Flow

A machine with low water flow minimizes water and saves electricity that’s what people think but in real sense low flow of water takes alot of time to wash care. The machine has to be on for a lengthened period, thus increasing both water and electricity bills. So a high flow water machine is recommended even though the flow affects the car washing machine price in Kenya.
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Another criterion used to select a car washing machine is the water pressure; higher water pressure increases efficiency, and more costly is the machine.

The Pump Head and Nozzle type

The head is aluminum or copper. Commonly aluminum heat pumps don’t last long but are highly cheap. But going for quality copper is the real deal. But copper is more expensive.

They are different types and structures of spray nozzles that allow the operator to adjust the water pressure according to how they want. Commonly the sprayings are in a jet straight from the spray, but you can adjust to how you want to depending on what you are washing.

To mention shortly, a type of spray gun affects the choice of a car washing machine. Long body gun is for washing vehicles while short is for motorcycles.

Summing up above is not the only factor affecting the choice of a car washing machine there are more, but hoping this article helped you make a better decision.
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