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What makes a probate lawyer, an estate lawyer, and a probate litigation lawyer different from each other?

Estate laws are dealt with the help of three different types of lawyers:

  • An estate lawyer
  • A probate lawyer
  • A probate litigation lawyer

An estate or trust lawyer helps an individual with the estate planning and making the trust while the person is still alive, if you are in search of a good estate planning lawyer you can get in touch with an estate planning attorney San Antonio. Whilst a probate lawyer helps with the will after the person passes away. And, a probate litigation lawyer helps with the probate law if any dispute has arisen and the case has gone into litigation. 

Details about a probate lawyer

The lawyer helps an executor or an administrator in managing the estate after the demise of the estate’s owner. 

It is upon your need and demands that a probate lawyer will perform their activity. In some cases, they act as an advisor, while in other cases they have an active part in administering the estate. The role of a probate lawyer is only feasible if the descendant has left a will.

In case there is a will

If you pass away after making a will, the probate lawyer will get in touch with the executor of your will on various legalities. An estate lawyer will perform the following activities depending on the complexity of the estate and the conditions in the will:

  • They will lodge the will in the local probate court
  • Work on the documents of the estate
  • Render help in identifying the assets mentioned in the will
  • Settle the descendant’s debts and credits
  • Manage the finance of the estate
  • Settle the issues with the non-probate estates, like life insurance

The role of an estate lawyer

The role of an estate lawyer is to help you in making a will and advice you on the estate while you are still alive. They ensure that the administration of your will goes smoothly.

They will help the client in documenting their wishes and making sure that the wishes are fulfilled after their demise without any obstacles. The estate lawyer also has huge knowledge and advises the person on how to save money on taxes, inheritance, and probate costs. 

The role of  a probate litigation lawyer

The probate litigation lawyer comes in if there are any disputes and the probate is contested. They aim in solving disputes that might arise in the will and trust, breaches of duty by the executor or the trustee, and if the matter can not be solved, take the case to litigation anxnr