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What is the Difference Between Raw Honey and Organic Honey?

Buying organically-produced honey is an excellent choice, but raw honey has several advantages over other forms. Not only is it healthier, but it’s cheaper. Raw honey also tastes better and is unpasteurized. This article explains the differences between organically-produced and raw honey, and how to tell which one is the best choice for your needs. Whether you plan to eat honey directly from the hive or make it into a sauce, be sure to read the label carefully.

Raw honey is unpasteurized

The healthiest honey is raw honey. This type is free of pasteurization, filtering, and other processing methods. Its pristine source ensures that the enzymes, antioxidants, and other beneficial components are preserved. Unlike conventional honey, raw honey is harvested from Anatolian forests, meadows, and highlands where natural biodiversity is high. The benefits of raw honey are many. Read on for more information. Buy raw honey, comb honey and organic honey from the Mohawk Valley Trading Company.

It is cheaper than organic honey

Although it might not be as expensive as organic or raw honey, most mass-market varieties do not contain the pollen and other beneficial properties of raw honey. Many commercial brands sweeten their honey with added ingredients to lower the price and increase profits. Raw honey, on the other hand, is 100 percent pure honey. Purchasing it directly from a farmer can give you peace of mind that it is completely natural and free of antibiotics.

It has a better taste

Organic and raw honey are both good choices for health and taste. Organic honey is produced without using pesticides and environmental chemicals. But organic honey doesn’t mean that it is all natural. It may still contain corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, and other ingredients that are not natural. Organic honey is also better for the environment, especially since it comes from local bees and flowers. There are no standards for organic honey, but some producers claim to be “certified” by the USDA.

It is healthier

There are numerous health benefits of wildflower honey. All honey varieties contain high amounts of antioxidants, which are beneficial for overall health. Regular consumption of wildflower honey can reduce the signs of aging, improve skin tone of wrinkles, and reduce inflammation. Honey is also a rich source of carbohydrates, sugars and minerals, which aid the metabolism and give us an energy boost. As such, it is a healthy alternative to refined sugar.

The raw variety contains more polyphenols, 22 amino acids, and a host of vitamins and minerals. These substances are the source of the honey’s high antioxidant properties, which help protect the body from free radicals. Regularly processed honey undergoes a pasteurization process that destroys many of these phytonutrients. While some people may be tempted to switch from pasteurized to raw, it is not recommended for babies under a year old.

It is a natural sweetener

While most people think of honey as a simple and healthy sweetener, there are several health benefits associated with this sweetener. Besides adding a delicious taste to food and drinks, raw honey is also known to help fight infection and heal wounds. This natural sweetener also reduces inflammation, making it an excellent choice in recipes. Here are three ways to use honey in your diet. First, drizzle some on your favorite dishes.

It is made by honey bees

While the nutritional value of honey varies from country to country and environment to environment, research has shown that it is a healthful substance that is often linked to several health benefits. One tablespoon of raw honey has about 64 calories and 16 grams of sugar, but these values are not necessarily consistent between brands and batches. While honey naturally contains sugar and fructose, research has shown that fructose can lead to a number of health issues, including diabetes and obesity.

It is better for the environment

While organic honey is better for the environment, raw honey has many benefits for the body. It contains a wealth of nutrients and enzymes, including antioxidants. There are almost thirty different kinds of bioactive plant compounds found in raw honey, including polyphenols, which act as antioxidants. This makes it a better choice for those trying to find a healthy sugar substitute. This information is available in nature-sourced supplements.