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What Is An SSA Adult Function Report 

If you intend to apply for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits, you must fill out and submit multiple forms, including an Adult Function Report. An Adult Function Report, or a Disability Function Report, addresses various questions about your Activities of Daily Life (ADL) for the Social Security Administration (SSA). 

Completing an Adult Function Report offers information about managing everyday activities such as cleaning, cooking, and bill paying. Talking with a Social Security lawyer can help you submit an Adult Function Report, which can help in your application for disability payments. Talk to an expert to learn more about SSD benefits today. 

What exactly is an Adult Function Report? 

The Adult Function Report is divided into five parts and should arrive in the mail from the SSA soon after you apply for Social Security disability payments. The 10-page form gives the SSA a detailed account of how your condition interferes with your everyday activities. You describe what it is like to go through typical daily tasks like bathing and getting dressed. 

In one part of the Adult Function Report, you are asked to explain how your medical condition affects your ability to function while performing chores that most of us can perform easily. Another part asks you to explain how your medical condition stops you from working. When you submit the Adult Function Report, you offer the SSA far more information about your impairment than in your initial application. 

The SSA uses the answers you provide to establish the degree of your disability. The key to writing an effective Adult Function Report is to explain in as much detail as possible how your medical condition affects the quality of your life. 

How important is the Disability Function Report? 

The Function Report is an essential component of the disability application procedure. It helps the SSA determine whether you qualify for disability compensation. Responding to every question accurately and truthfully is crucial since the SSA will use the information to determine your eligibility. The SSA thoroughly evaluates the form and may contact your doctor for more information. 

What happens once the SSDI department receives the function report? 

After the Social Security Administration obtains your Adult Function Report, they will evaluate the material to determine whether your disability qualifies for disability benefits under their definitions and standards. The SSA may also request that your doctor complete a similar form to assess your condition and ability. 

To get help with filling out the Disability Function Report, talk to an experienced SSD attorney today. 


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