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What is a Molle System?

MOLLE is a last minute locking system commonly known as “basket weaving”. Take any bag you want to hold and start weaving the ribbon in and out. If you have bags with tabs inserted also called soft tabs when hung about 1.5 to 3 inches, place the plastic tabs back under you to keep them in place. If you have an old-fashioned snap system, there will be no extra length. You can simply weave 1 inch of tape to secure it. The video below describes how both systems work:

The molle shotshell pouch is used to describe the relationship between bags and units in tactical backpacks, rucksacks, plate mounts and belts. With MOLLE, you can fully adapt your device to your task.

MOLLE stands for “Modular Lightweight Carrying Equipment” and features a line of durable nylon fabric called the PALS “bag fastening ladder system” that attaches to backpacks, jackets and many other devices. Easy to thread / weave through matching bags and blocks for safe, customizable access on the go.

Your MOLLE mounting system will likely include a special MOLLE strap designed to grip between the mount and the device that attaches it directly. These sticks are removed to keep the attachment in place.

How to Use a MOLLE System

Your MOLLE mounting system may have straps that are specific to MOLLE or are designed to weave between the mount and the device or plates you attach to it. These sticks are removed to keep the attachment in place.

Follow these steps to connect your MOLLE device to a compatible mesh or network platform:

Choose a place to add equipment. Experiment by placing a MOLLE bag on a backpack, other equipment or board to determine the best configuration before attaching anything.

Holding the end of the strap with the clasp, pull the strap through the bottom row of the nylon strap to which the MOLLE fastener will be attached, with the lockable side up.

Pull the strap through the first row of nylon straps on the back of the accessory, tightening it.

Continue to weave the tape through the machine’s tape or sieve to the board and attach it until only the clamp or button is left at the top.

Tips for Using MOLLE Gear

For multi-strap fasteners, pull both straps through the nylon strap or mesh panel at the same time. Mole sticks and straps are durable, so changing sticks can make the knitting process easier.

When knitting sticks and straps, do not skip any straps or strainers – use each row to make your equipment as safe as possible. Use any belt or net that you can use for your equipment, bag, jacket or board.

You can use ALICE clips with MOLLE equipment, but these vintage clips are not as versatile or durable as today’s most modern MOLLE-compatible accessories. If you have a choice, drop Alice and use MOLLE instead.

MOLLE is not difficult to use, but it takes time to configure. Now that you know how kuttyweb MOLLE works and how to attach accessories properly, you’ll always be able to arm yourself with the molle shotshell pouch you need for your next task. You are ready for adventure.