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If you want to get a piece of ‘VIP’ music, you’ll need to know how to identify the different types of VIP mixes. A remix is simply a version of a song made by another producer. Generally, these mixes are legal. In contrast, bootlegs are illegal. To distinguish a bootleg from a VIP mix, you should always check the source of the song. Here are some tips for identifying a bootleg mix:

VIP edits are usually edited versions of a song. The edits are made by the producer who makes a new version of an old track using an old project file. Re-releases can also include songs from a DJ’s set that aren’t part of the original artist’s catalog. Producers also make exclusive edits of music for their own DJ sets, so it’s possible to hear unreleased versions of songs that you love.

VIP mixes are a unique treat for fans of a specific artist. VIP mixes are edited versions of the original track that are intended to be played at a live event. They can add new life to songs that previously were considered “old.”


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