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Vinyl Banner Printing – Top Mistakes to Avoid For Superior Reproduction and Finish 

Vinyl banners and signs are extremely popular with businesses and event organizers for local advertising. They can be bright and attractive, last for a reasonably long time, require little maintenance, are available in various shapes and sizes, and above all, are affordable. However, for vinyl advertising banners to deliver the superior return on investment expected from them, they need to be designed and printed without making common mistakes. Some handy tips on what you should look out for when printing vinyl advertising banners:

Perform a Through Proof Checking

There is nothing as unprofessional as a mistake in spelling or grammar in your advertising banner. They are not only embarrassing but also damage your brand credibility and reputation. While you must check content yourself keeping in mind the need to focus more on commonly confused words and abbreviations. Also, remember to carefully review text in uppercase letters since spotting spelling mistakes is invariably harder. Pay extra attention to missing commas and apostrophes because punctuation errors can transform the meaning of s sentence and land you in an awkward spot. After you have done one review, you should ask another person to do another so that you are sure no mistakes remain.

Review Your Design

The visual design of the banner is vital because it helps to cut through the clutter and attract the attention of potential customers. Ensure that the design of vinyl banners permits people to read and understand your advertising message quickly and without getting confused. Use typefaces without any complications and ensure that the font size is large enough to be read without effort from where most of the target audience will be. Make sure that the contrast between the text and the background is adequate for easy readability. You must avoid making the graphic design complicated. It is because, from a distance, people can’t make out the details and only see a messy design.

Be Sure To Include the Bleed

It is important to include bleed in your banner design. It means that the graphic design extends right to all four edges so that when your print the banner it will align properly and not come out with one side of the design cut off or looking lopsided. You will need to reject the prints and spend more time, effort, and money to reprint them. Bleed designs also look nicer because the design is from edge to edge and there are no ugly white margins all around, according to Printing News.


You may feel tempted to use cheaper materials to save on the cost; however, by using high-quality print media like vinyl and printing inks, you will ensure that the banners come out looking as great as they did on the computer screen. By choosing high-quality vinyl, the print quality will be better because the ink adheres to it better, dries quickly, and does not smear. The media also does not curl, leading to better printing. Additionally, curl-free banners hang better, especially when used after an extended period of being kept rolled in storage. Also, ensure that the media you choose is compatible with the printing process and post-printing lamination.