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Vender Central: What Should You Know about it For Your Business?

You know what, there are two main ways that you can get your products selling on Amazon. Yes, one is as a seller (even known as third-party or 3P) or that of as a vendor (first-party or even 1P). However, interestingly the end outcome looks the same either way – your products is going to be available to buy on Amazon. But it is where the resemblances end. Amazon Vendor Central  (VC) is basically a fully different concept to Seller Central. It is quite critical to understand the overall fundamental differences and not simply compare each feature distinctly.

The point is simple, in case you are an online retailer, it would be beneficial for you in case you make up your mind to offer your products via Amazon. Amazon gets you manifold platforms with different advantages you must be aware of. The platforms are custom-made to diverse wishes and even requirements and can produce massive sales – if you select the or go for platform that goes well for you best. 

Difference Between Vendor and Seller Central  

Talking about the difference between amazon VC and Amazon Seller Central is quite much. The person who organizes your product sales makes the main difference. Once you go for VC, Amazon will purchase the products you own right from you and then they simply sell to the customers. Now, if you speak of, Seller Central is something that permits you to sell your products directly to customers via the Amazon marketplace.

What is Amazon VC?

Amazon Seller Central is the concept that everyone can approach and use. but Amazon VC is something that is an invitation-only club. In this kind of service, Amazon distributes the products of both brands or even manufacturer constantly.

VC is somewhat quite a “foremost party”.it is unlike to the third party such as Amazon Seller Central.  The point is you would simply sell your products abundantly and in massive wholesale size to platform of the amazon.it is instead of directly to customers, and even selling them to the customers is their responsibility. If you sell right on the Seller Central of amazon, you would be considered as B2C company (business-to-consumer). Amazon VC is something that permits you to work as that of a B2B (sort of business-to-business) vendor selling to the platform of Amazon.  

What is the overall mechanism behind such a concept?

Once you get the invitation to the club of Amazon, you have to wait for Amazon to simply require your goods. Then you receive a purchase order from amazon. You just have to satisfy the complete order. It is not going to be your task to sell your products to the customers of amazon.

What are the Perks that Your Business can Get Through VC?

You enjoy the label of Sold By Amazon 

As already mentioned above in this post, VC is simply meant for the amazon sellers who are basically get the invitation from Amazon corporate. When they make up their mind that they will join, their products will display on the platform of amazon as sold by Amazon. This is something that will boost the grow both the confidence and trust of the shopper. It makes a great difference for sure.

Stretched Chances for Ads

Indeed, with this, sellers can enjoy the perks of different kinds of marketing opportunities that they get through AMS (Amazon Marketing Services); while both the sellers as well as vendors relish the access to it, VC, in particular, has a greater number of options for running Ad campaigns.  In such a thing, you can confidently have your own brand or store page, vendor-powered coupons, and even more.

Venders can make the most of the AMS, clearly distinguish from all the competitors they have and even attract traffic to product pages. Remember that not every click you make ends up in a buying, as vendors are well-informed, targeting individual product detail pages with different ad campaigns permits sellers to just drive consumers’ attention right away to their product as they draw closer to final degree of the procedure of conversion.

Hassle-free type of customer service

You don’t really have to deal with customer counterfeits and even more directly since Amazon is going to be the one taking care of all of it from handling overall returns to exchanges. 

The end of fees

Amazon seller fees, just like the referrals, satisfaction, and even that of simply owning an Amazon account, are not at all required for vendors to simply participate in such a program. rather they do pay fee for once to be pro, that enables them to the overall capability to sell a limitless type of number of products every single month.  

You would take a decision 

If you decide or make up your mind to become a vendor or even that of any seller is mainly decided by the general sort of business you operate. Since the truth or reality is that the two centrals came into existence in the beginning to different types of business models, you cannot simply easily compare them.

The interface of Amazon Seller Central simply caters more to both brands and even the web merchants who really wishes that their products should get listed quickly. However, Amazon Vendor type of Central is specifically formed up for brands and also manufacturers who look forward to vend wholesale with somewhat more hands-off sort of method.

Irrespective of the overall model, you make up your mind to choose; you can take assistance of the ecommerce experts, right from listing the products you have, developing advertisement campaigns, to also suggesting business strategies to aid you in succeeding. 


To sum up, when you are a business, you have to evaluate every single aspect before you invest into any tool or platform. Talking about vender type of central; you can be sure that you make the most of it when you understand your aspirations and goals. After all, it is all about choosing the right options!


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