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Types of Welding Machines

Finding suitable welding appliances is not often so difficult. Good machinesareidentified for theirtop performance, suitable features, and durability. It’s only natural that mostbuyers prioritize the price of any machine, beforeconsidering other features.A good welder should know that quality comes with a cost. If you need to do welding of the highest lever, then a top quality machine is necessary.

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Welding can become a reliablebase of generating income if utilized well in Kenya. Not all machines used in weldinghave similar features and qualities. Some of these machines are locally manufactured by welders who acquirethe skills from others. There existcountlessopenings for welding, although, getting a suitable machine for job might be a bit hard, as far as the price tag question is posed. Visit here online best  thaibettingnews.com website.


Welding machineries are categorized according tomaterialtypes used in theirmanufacturing. The following are the major categories of these machines

1. Flux core machines

Thesemachines use constant power provisions.They are used by linking a base metal. Machines under this category come with a weld pool and a welding gun. Due to their susceptibility to damage by wet weather, these machines are often not suitable for outdoor use

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2. Metal arch machines

They are a portable and also suitable for almost all the repairs. They can be brought to use in the repair of underwater pipes, and many others. They use welding materialswhich are considerably cheap, compared to others.

3. Metal arc machines

A metal arc welding machine is more suitable for industrial use, mainly the motor manufacturing. The machine uses electrodes and welding guns that guard it from any sorts of contamination. The Metal arc machines price in Kenya are sensible, hence appropriate for welders’ needs.

4. Tungsten machine

This category consists of machines designed for welding the strongest metal materials. The tungsten machines are durable and hard to wear out. This is the category with the some of the most expensive machines used in welding.


The machine used in welding are readily available any top electronic shop all over Kenya. The availability and prices of these machines may also depend on factors like, the importation charges. The imported machines haverelatively higher prices, compared to locally manufactured ones.


The price of a machine may differ from one shop to another. It is important that one buys their machines from reputable brands or retailers. Locallymademachinesmay not have the right quality to offer the topmost service to the welder. This is however not always the case.

The buyer should always look to compare the prices from other sellers and online sellers to get a clue of the average price for a top quality machine to use in welding.Otherwise, one may also get the precise price by contacting honest sellers.


In conclusion, welding machineries are appropriate in creating a reliable income source. It however not the case, if one does not select the right machine for the job. The price of the machine should not always be the major determining factor when purchasing a machine for welding.