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Transform your living room with Nordic design ideas

Understanding Interior Design

Interior design is the art and skill of creating attractive and functional indoor spaces. It involves selecting furniture, colours, textures, and materials to achieve the desired effect. Interior design also encompasses lighting, acoustics, and climate control. In theatre, the set design is interior design concerned with creating onstage environments. A successful theatre design balances these two elements, creating a space that looks good and functions well. Choose the best theatre supplies Australia company for the perfect room transformation.

Think cool, clean colours, straight lines, and sleek furniture and that is all about Nordic home design. As the name suggests, the Nordic interior design style originated in the Nordic countries. The style continues to be, simple and minimal, functional and accessible, treasured yet affordable. The best thing about Nordic design is that it creates a feeling of more space in the home as it consists of clean lines and light tones.

Living rooms are generally the spaces that exemplify an interior design concept the most.  You can pair a classic color palette, with a curated mix of modern furnishings and minimal accessories to complete the look. We hope these Nordic design ideas will inspire you as you go about curating this important room in your home.

Stylistic simplicity – Functionality meets beauty describes the Nordic style perfectly. Characteristic of the Nordic living style is the natural elements, which, in combination with white and neutral shades provide peace. Focus on your key pieces like your sofa, coffee table, and entertainment unit, and keep the common element as light wood. There’s also a focus on decluttered space, so keep your living room design simple and clean. Hide everything away by looking for furniture that doubles up as storage. Though a Nordic living room usually has a wooden sofa and chairs, combine metallic finishes like copper sconces and brass pendants to add glimmer and shine to the entire space.

Restrained colour palette – Nordic design utilizes whites, greys, and tans to make a space feel uniform and bright. The use of white has multiple advantages when used as the predominant colour across your living room, not least its ability to maximise natural light. You can accessorise your room with a white cozy 3 seater sofa and some comfortable cushions to lend a welcoming vibe to your space. Nature-inspired shades like dark blues, greens, grays, and browns can aid in creating a cocoon-like space.

Bright lights – Lighting is a key element in the Scandinavian Boho aesthetics as it contributes to creating a welcoming and homely feeling. Maximise natural light by swapping heavy drapes for breezy linen curtains and drape them high and wide. Create a light and airy living space by using mirrors in different shapes and sizes to reflect the light into the darkest of corners.

Mix architectural shapes – Feel free to mix and match prints for a greater sense of character and story. Wallpapers with a delicate, geometric pattern will allow you to quickly create an unusual atmosphere in the interior and break its ascetic appearance. Creating a truly bespoke and desirable Nordic living room comes down to your attention to detail, rather than including large statement pieces. Minimal decorative touches and good craftsmanship rather than lots of expensive accessories are the way to bring integrity to this look. Wicker, bamboo, and ceramic bowls can be used to decorate your space in the Nordic style.

The living room which generally gives the most value to the entire home is also the most “lived-in” room. So, decorate it the Nordic way which is minimalistic and harmonic. Incorporate functional, aesthetic, and emotional elements in soft colors and materials from nature and transform your living room into a great asset!