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Top 3 Winter Fashion Trends to Start Shopping Now

Winter is at its peak and since the temperature is bound to increase, you’ve got to pile up on warmer clothes. However, that doesn’t mean that you need to give up your style ethic, winter is a great time to give a major glow-up to your wardrobe. On that note, we’ve listed below the top 3 major winter fashion trends that you should start shopping for now.

Of course, our closet contains lots of style pieces and some staple pieces that will always be in style no matter the season or time. However, beyond that, it’s hard to predict what fashion trends will survive to remain relevant. This is because the fashion industry is dynamic and very fast-paced. Trends come and go, and new brands erupt overnight. While following trends might seem like a good way to stay updated with the latest trends in fashion, most of us don’t have an enormous fund to spend on new apparel. So investing in pieces that will last longer no matter what trend comes and goes is a smart thing to do. And while the notion of long-term trends may come across as an oxymoron, brands and designers always produce a few things that tend to stay relevant as a mainstay fashion in every season.

Below we’ve rounded up the top 3 trends of the winter season that are currently taking the fashion industry by storm and will still be in trend even beyond the cold months.

Maxi-ed Out

Now you must be surprised to see this on our list and might think that we’re under-looking at the mini skirt trend, however, looking at the current fashion feeds on Instagram it seems like the maxi skirt trend is having a moment this winter season. It may be termed as an “ugly skirt”, however, it’s a trend loved by supermodels such as Bella Hadid, Gigi Hadid, and Kendall Jenner giving it a new vitality. This is why maxi skirts are all over the fall/winter runways with models donning versatile pieces. So, whether it’s denim, cargo, or satin, the probabilities are you’ll be reaching out for maxi skirts all season long. Moreover, apart from rocking them in the winter season, you can also wear them during the hotter months. You can find a wide assortment in various styles at stores like 6th street. Plus, you can also make use of the 6th street code, and avail big discounts on your orders.

Puddle Pants

The idea of puddle pants refers to the overall structure of these pants, and they are pretty much exactly how they sound: ultra-long pants or trousers long enough to puddle at your ankle, dragging on the floor. While pants dragging on the floor might not be music to the ears of most of us, a trend is still a trend, and you can always find ways to minimize the dragging such as by wearing high heels or boots. Moreover, they are practical without losing the style ethics. With the likes of celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Hailey Bieber, and Kate Middleton, puddle pants have garnered a huge fan base and will most likely be one of the hottest trends for this winter season. However, the only downside to this trend is that it isn’t the most city-living-friendly for the winter months, especially when it starts snowing. You can’t have your pants dragging on the snow-covered floor just for the trend’s sake.

90s Minimalism

The summer and spring season was highlighted by the notion of maximalism, and it was something that the entire fashion industry was focusing on throughout the year, but as we proceed towards the end of the year, we are also seeing a transition toward vintage 90s-style contours. As the 90s have already made a comeback with brands and designers dropping exquisite 90s-themed clothing collections such as boxy blazers, leather jackets, button-up shirts, oversized sweats, and flared pants. It’s unlikely that this trend will vanish anytime soon, moreover, we’ll be seeing more vintage styles and designs in the upcoming years. Opt for more muted-tone apparel such as browns, grays, creams, and blacks as the color palette for the season if you’re embedding the trend into your closet.

The best thing about adding new pieces to your closet is that it gives you a versatile range of outfit options. Even though the trend is likely over, you can still wear them. Moreover, the truth about the trend is that it’s likely to repeat. Plus, with online shopping, you don’t have to visit back-to-back stores just to get your hands on the latest puddle pants or the faux jacket. You can simply look for it online from the comfort of your house and order them. Moreover, with online shopping, you also get the benefit of using coupon codes such as Level Shoes Promo Code, Amazand more to avail discounts on your orders.