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Things to Do in Gangnam Business Bars Moon Jar

Regardless of whether you are looking for a relaxing atmosphere, a lively atmosphere or even both, you will find what you are looking for in Gangnam business bars. These are the best places to go if you want to experience some of the best nightlife in Seoul.

Apgujeong Rodeo Street

Among the many things to do in Gangnam business bars, the most popular is to go to a club. It is the place where Korean guys come out in hordes. If you want to see the famous Korean stars, then this is the place to go. Moreover, the service here is usually excellent.

Besides, there are many restaurants 강남더킹 and cafes here. You can find Korean, Japanese and Thai cuisines here. You can also enjoy outdoor brunch with your special someone here.

There are several K-pop stars who live in this area. Moreover, you can also find karaoke, clubs and bars here.

Apgujeong Rodeo Street is considered to be the fashion center of Korea. There are several luxury brand stores here. You can also find a variety of local shops here.

Moon Jar

During the Joseon Dynasty, Moon Jars were made in two halves and joined to form a single vessel. They were traditionally used to contain wine, flowers, and votive offerings. A Moon Jar is considered the purest representation of a singular form, e.g. the moon.

The Moon Jar may have been invented in the far distant past, but it’s still an important part of Korean ceramic history. It’s been exhibited in numerous public ceramic collections including the 강남초원의집 National Museum of Korea, the Fitzwilliam Museum Cambridge, and the British Museum. It was even purchased by Bernard Leach in 1935, and has been on display in Lucie Rie’s Albion Mews studio since the Second World War.

The Moon Jar is also a good example of a post-modern collision between old and new. It’s also one of the hottest spots in Gangnam. A lot of Gangnam’s beautiful people frequent this establishment, which makes sense.

La Cle

Visiting Gangnam is a fun way to experience a bit of Korean culture. The area is filled with bars, restaurants, and shopping venues. This is one of the richest districts in South Korea, as well as the most popular tourist destination.

One of the best things to do in Gangnam is window shopping. You can find a wide range of shopping malls, designer clothing stores, and department stores. The area is also home to some of the most popular Korean entertainment companies.

The Mercure Ambassador Hotel has a rooftop bar that offers panoramic views of Gangnam. The bar’s signature cocktails were conceived by Il Ki Lee, a 2014 World Class Bartender winner. The bar features an eclectic mix of cocktails and music.

The Princess Hotel is another high-end establishment that has a large number of restaurants and stores nearby. It is clean and comfortable, and has a convenient location to many of the popular sites.


Several Korean entertainment companies are based in Gangnam. Tourists often come here in hopes of catching a celebrity sighting.

Gangnam has several boutique hotels, nightclubs, and restaurants. It is an exciting area, especially during 선릉라이언 the summer. It is a great place to get a feel for Korean culture.

There are a variety of cosmetic clinics in Gangnam that offer special packages to foreigners. In addition to these, there are numerous department stores, malls, and underground shopping centers.

Cheongdam Fashion Street is a popular destination for both tourists and locals. The street is lined with fashion houses, as well as Korean avant-garde stores. It is also the place where K-pop stars party.

Another popular area in Gangnam is Apgujeong Rodeo Street. The street used to be a hub for foreign cars. However, it has now become a hip area for people who enjoy shopping for luxury brands.

Host bars

Among the things to do in Gangnam business bars are:

Host bars are an all-night drinking establishment that cater to female customers. They offer vocal singing karaoke, dancing, and companionship. They are a part of a growing industry in Korea. These bars are different from Korean kisaeng houses.

A recent study in Gangnam discovered that the total annual sales of host bars in the area are estimated to be more than 30 billion won, or approximately $25 million. The total number of host bars in Gangnam is over 100.


The number of host bars in Gangnam is growing at a fast pace. According to Jasper Kim, head of Asia-Pacific Global Research Group in Seoul, these bars are part of the rapid economic growth of South Korea. The industry is also growing in Japan.