Tourism is a global phenomenon that includes a multitude of different types of businesses and government entities. It is a source of substantial economic and social consequence and requires objective and scientific understanding. However, just as the definition of leisure presents a challenge, so too does the definition of the tourism industry.

Defining Tourists

Without tourists there would be no tourism industry. Tourists travel to attractions and find new attractions even when developers and locals have not yet found or promoted them. It is more common, though, that the tourist (or potential tourist) is the one who is bombarded with advertisements and hawkers trying to get them to spend their money.

Day Trippers

Day trips (also known as excursions) are trips that take someone away from their home, but do not involve an overnight stay. A day excursion can be considered a recreation activity, though because it normally occurs well beyond the home place, the activities and services that are used are normally the same as those provided to tourists by the tourism industry. In many tourist destinations, separating those who are tourists from those who are day-tripping recreationists is difficult.


Tourism Satellite Accounts

National accountants in France were the first to explore ways to analyze aspects of a nation’s economy that are not adequately represented within the SNA. To do this they developed a concept called competes satellites (satellite accounts), which is known as Tourism Satellite Accounts (TSAs) when applied to the tourism industry. The TSA approach identifies the tourism percentage of each traditional industry (account) in a country’s overall economy (SNA). How can you know best online technorati website, and more segfault great website


However tourism is defined, most people would include the elements of movement (transportation), of remaining temporarily in one place (accommodations), consuming food and drink (which could be an attraction), and participating in activities (attractions). The transportation sector generally includes airlines and airports, trains, buses, taxis, private automobiles, boats and ferries, the servicing and repair of these transportation modes, and travel agents and tour companies that facilitate transportation

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