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Technological Surprises in 2022

Our world is filled with fantastic devices that help us every day. It is hard to imagine today’s normal routine life without a mobile phone or internet connection. After a hard day, there are also lots of different applications and websites that help us to rest. If your rest includes the desire to test luck then join PlayAmo login and have fun. 

Domestic Robots

There used to say that 2022 will be a year of domestic robots. Indeed, a great helper at anything at home is needed. The introduction of the Amazon Astro home assistant to the market would set a trend so other manufacturers would develop their home helpers as well. Astro is the first general-purpose home robot that controls other devices like robot vacuum cleaners etc. 

Astro helps you remember everything you can forget. The daily routine is a tough thing so you might need some products, which would be already ordered and delivered to your place thanks to Astro. The robot can become a good companion for a lonely old person. It can check the blood pressure, and pulse and monitor other health indicators. Moreover, it can call an ambulance if something happens. Astro is a great opportunity to become a part of your life. 

5G Internet

5G possibilities will become a part of our normal life for mobile phones and other devices everywhere in the world. It can ease our life by getting different information using different devices. Moreover, it also influences the devices, as modern devices will become smaller and lighter. There won’t be needed large parts such as graphic chips or bulky processors. Everything will be done remotely and the data itself will be transmitted in a  form of a video stream. 

Virtual Reality

In 2022 mixed reality glasses may be released by Apple. According to Bloomberg, it will be about VR and AR options. Yet, there are so many people that are willing to try virtual reality. Moreover, the development is still ongoing. So at the moment, people have two senses of sight and hearing. In the future, they will be able to taste, touch and smell. When all will be able to feel the virtual reality, don’t forget the real world. 


Cybersecurity will be more important in 2022. The latest war between Russia and Ukraine showed that cybersecurity is an essential department. Besides, according to the latest predictions, Russia will be in charge of cybersecurity, the experts say. It has all the potential to improve themselves and at the moment being attacked all the time by different private organizations, can only motivate them to secure themselves. 

But even if you’re not subject to DOT mandates, it just makes sense to check MVR before sending a driver to represent your business out on the road. Experts predict that in the future there will be more cases when hackers try to steal your private data. Keep an eye on your devices! Read more here about how businesses can protect their data and make them secure.

Artificial Intelligence in Sales

Experts suggest that very soon the main advertising will become models, generated by artificial intelligence. This will allow us to create a special marketing program for each market and moreover to be able to reach each client. 

However, the possibilities of artificial intelligence will benefit not only salespeople but also an ordinary fashionista. Soon technologies would be able to create a certain set of clothes for each individual. 


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