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Suits: All That You Should Know

Suits are one of the essential garments a man can own. They’re versatile and will give you great value for money. Moreover, custom suits are the best as they are tailor-made for you. Besides, you can easily find a suit for every occasion as they include a wide range for different occasions.

Different Types

1. Business Suits

Business suits are the most formal and expensive of all. They are made from the finest materials, which last a long time. So if you want to look sharp in your business meetings, a custom-made business suit for you is what you should be wearing.

They can be made to fit any body shape, but they will never look too casual or sloppy because they have an air of formality about them that is hard not to notice when someone wears them in public.

2. Marriage Suits

A black suit is the most common colour of a marriage suit. It should be made of wool and tailored to fit, but it doesn’t have to be as formal as a tuxedo. And when wearing them, men can wear their hair short and neat or let it grow out slightly. That said, grooms often wear black dress shoes, though some wear white sneakers along with these suits.

3. Tuxedo

A tuxedo is a formal suit worn by men at black-tie events. It is usually made of black or midnight blue fabric and has satin bib fronts, satin lapels, and satin buttons. So if you’re going to rent/buy a tuxedo for your next big event, then keep these things in mind:

  • Tuxedos should only be dry-cleaned. Never wash them, as this can cause the material of your suit to wrinkle and lose shape quickly!
  • You must know how to properly wear one so that people take you seriously–you want them to see how awesomely handsome/beautiful/classy you look instead of just thinking, “oh, look at what is happening today with this person!”.

4. Blazers

Blazers are a type of suit jacket that can be worn in business settings, but most often, they’re worn with jeans and a T-shirt or polo shirt. Blazers are often considered more casual than other suits, although that’s only sometimes the case. In many cases, blazers have different buttons than suits; they can be made according to your taste and preferences.

5. Casual Suit

Casual suits are more relaxed than business suits, so they’re better for dress codes that don’t call for formality. They’re also great for summer weddings and outdoor events since the lighter fabrics keep you cool in warmer weather. And if you want to look the best in your casual suit, you need to get it custom-fitted to your size.

Get a Suit Made to Measure

  • Getting one made-to-measure is the way to go if you’re looking for the perfect suit. The best custom suits are those where the measurements of your body have been taken into consideration and then transferred onto paper to create a garment that fits perfectly.
  • Suppose you want your suit to last longer than it usually would. In that case, you should look for fabrics such as wool or cashmere because these materials tend to be durable, soft, and comfortable when worn during long periods (such as during travel).
  • Get a good colour combination if possible – but always keep it simple! There are many ways to choose colours for their suits; however, sometimes less is more when it comes down to selecting colours.”


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