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Some Of The Best All-Rounders In The Indian Cricket Team

Cricket is amongst the most popular and beloved sports in India. The enthusiasm is so strong that every cricket match is celebrated as joyfully as any Indian festival. Not only is cricket the most prevalent source of entertainment for Indians, but it is also a carrier of deep emotional sentiment for Indians who aspired to be cricketers in their childhood. Not everybody could fulfill their dreams of becoming a cricket star, but those who did are now praised highly by the fans for the incredible hard work that has got them to the heights of fame and success. Let’s look at who they are and how they achieved their dreams of becoming a cricket superstar.

  1. Kapil Dev: Kapil Dev Ramlal Nikhanj is a former cricket player known as the ‘all-rounder cricketer’ in India. He began his career in 1978 by playing for the state of Haryana in a national cricket tournament. Although his first performance wasn’t significant, he gradually improvised and captained the Indian cricket team in 1973. Kapil Dev is the epitome of a dedicated and hard-working person. Now, Kapil Dev is celebrated for his excellent achievements in cricket and his unique fast-bowling techniques. Although he presently doesn’t play for the Indian cricket team, he served as a coach for the Indian cricket team before retirement.
  2. Hardik Pandya: Pandya made his official debut in the international cricket tournament in 2016. Prior to this, he had played in national cricket tournaments, where he established his reputation as an excellent batter. He is known for his bowling techniques and is ultimately titled an ‘all-rounder’. As of 2022, Pandya is 29 years old and has amassed significant achievements to his name. He has proved that anybody can succeed at any age if a person is consistent and dedicated.
  3. Irfan Pathan: Irfan Pathan is commonly known as the next ‘all-rounder’ after Kapil Dev. He made his debut in Indian cricket in 2001 and international cricket in 2003 by playing against Australia and ultimately bagging the trophy for India. He later stayed true to his reputation and proved the result of his dedication by winning the ICC champions trophy in 2013. He played for Punjab, Delhi, Hyderabad and Chennai in the Indian premier league. Later, he retired at the age of 31.
  4. Yuvraj Singh: Yuvraj Singh, also commonly known as Yuvi, is the son of a former cricketer, Yograj Singh. Having a father who had a career in sports fueled Yuvi’s aspirations of becoming a sportsman. Before trying out cricket, Yuvi was an active skater and won multiple skating contests. He played his first national cricket tournament representing Punjab, against the team representing the state of Orissa, in 1997. His first ODI was in the year 2000 against Kenya. Yuvraj Singh is an ‘all-rounder’ for his excellent left-hand batting and athletic fielding abilities. In his career, he faced multiple physical injuries and illnesses, including cancer, that resulted in him staying away from cricket for some time. Eventually, he retired from international cricket in June 2019. Moreover, Yuvi has also acted in numerous movies.

Even though some of these all rounders have retired, their stories of victory remain young in the hearts of cricket enthusiasts. It is the primary reason behind the immense popularity of the fantasy cricket league in India. Fantasy cricket has opened new doors for viewers to enjoy their favorite sports match.