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Should You File An Insurance Claim For A Dog Bite?

Even though dogs are usually known for their loyalty, affection, and friendliness, it is not uncommon for a dog to bite a person and injure them badly. Dogs can be wonderful, but sometimes they have the potential to become extremely dangerous. Some dog bite incidents can actually affect a person’s life to the point where they cannot return to their old life anymore. 

If a dog has bitten you, you may have various questions to ask. For starters, you may be debating whether to file an insurance claim for a dog bite or solve the matter privately with the responsible party. It is important to clarify your doubts by speaking with professionals at the Law Office of James T. Ponton, LLC to avoid making mistakes. 

What to know about insurance claims and understand your rights 

If you did not know, most dog bite claims are handled by insurance companies. A person’s homeowner’s insurance or other policy may be responsible for paying for a dog bite. Before you decide to file a claim, it is important to determine which insurance pays for your injuries and what is the scope of its coverage. 

Once you are done, however, it is not the end of your work. You need to find solid evidence indicating which dog has bitten you and who the owner is. This is where an attorney comes for help. They can help you put together strong evidence and build a strong case. 

Factors to consider when deciding whether to file a dog bite claim 

  • The severity of your injuries. 

It goes without saying that you must file a dog bite claim and recover the medical costs if you have severe injuries. Healthcare is not cheap, and you should not have to exhaust your medical insurance funds because of the negligence of another party. 

  • Emotional trauma. 

Getting bitten by a dog does not only give you physical injuries but also emotional and mental. Emotional trauma can be caused by any bad incident and last for a long time. Some people are able to recover from it, while some struggle for years or a lifetime. You may be unable to stay near a dog or even look at one. 

  • Financial impact. 

When deciding whether you should file or not, you should ask yourself how much financial impact the incident has made. When you get injured, it does not only increase medical bills but affects other aspects of your life as well, such as your career. Not being able to go to work or handle your business can inflict major financial harm. 


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