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Should You Enroll in a TEFL Certification Program?

Have you ever had plans to teach English abroad? It might not seem to be the first career choice that any of you would have. Many of you are familiar with the benefits of having a TEFL certificate, and some must have heard about it recently. But surprisingly, it is a well-rewarded job you’ll get. 

Before you start jumping to any conclusions, you should know that to be a successful English teacher abroad; you need to complete a TEFL certification that Cambridge University administers in England. TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language’ or Teacher of English as Foreign Language.’ You have to earn a TEFL certificate to be eligible to teach the English language at any school or university abroad. 

If you are confused about whether you should do the course or not, you’ll find this article pretty helpful to get some answers. So, do not skip the page until you are done reading the entire article. 

Is the TEFL certificate valid in different countries?

The TEFL certificate is valid globally. But you will also be happy to know that the certificate’s validity remains for a lifetime. Once you have completed your certification course, it will remain with you and benefit you for a lifetime. 

What is the duration of the TEFL course?

For an average student to complete the course, TEFL certification won’t take more than 100 hours of training. Now that you have online and offline courses, you can choose a training course according to your comfort and preference. You can choose to be part of a full-time course and complete it in 4 weeks. Or, if you are preoccupied with something, choose a part-time course and complete your 100 hours with more flexibility. 

Here are a few benefits that you can attain with a TEFL certification

  • You get a quick response on your job applications

While looking for a job abroad, they give a lot of weightage to people who have a TEFL certificate. The application having a certificate is quickly recognized and shortlisted. And therefore, the chances of you getting tremendous and better-paying opportunities rise more. 

  • The certification can help you with your visa.

Yes, it is true. You can get a teaching job anywhere in the world, which makes you get a Visa based on your certificate. People having command over English and having a teaching certificate are given preference over others. 

  • You gain confidence

Having good communication skills makes you confident. Even if you don’t apply for a teaching job abroad, you can use the degree as support when applying for other jobs. The recruiter will be impressed with your backup plan because you can be accepted into any university in the world to teach English with that certification. 

  • You ace in teaching skills.

It isn’t necessary that you’ll always be put to teach children who are beginning to learn the languages. With a good training program, you will brush your teaching skills to prepare you for facing and training students at all stages and levels. You will have encounters with students of all age groups and levels of understanding of the language. 

So, with this, you’ve reached the end of this article. If you are still wondering what is best suited for you, consult anyone who has a TEFL certificate or a training academy to understand the possibilities of growth after the course. Take your time to think and prepare for exploring the course. Check out the best training programs available, and take a step forward towards a better future.