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Serum helps reduce blemishes, clear face without dark spots.

Melasma, freckles, acne scars and various dark spots are important obstacles that prevent us from having a white face. It takes a long time to heal and wrinkles come on more quickly. Acne scars, dark spots, and blemishes and freckles can be caused by many factors. whether it is stress Sun exposure and pollution that make our skin weaker.

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Choosing a serum is a matter that answers the question. Especially the serum that helps reduce freckles. blemishes and dark spots Because there are important substances that help nourish many types of skin, including Whitening, Vitamin B3, Vitamin C, including in some formulas, there are substances that help exfoliate skin cells such as AHA and BHA, which can help stimulate new skin cells to be healthy. Today we are going to introduce 5 famous brand serums that help solve freckles problems. Blemishes and dark spots, especially What kind of skin care can each formula help? Follow us to see it.

1. Mesoestetic Melan Tran 3X Daily Depigmenting Gel Cream

Medical grade skin care brand That has been researched by a team of medical specialists from Spain. Which this serum formula contains a lot of important substances, including Tranexamic Acid that helps reduce blemishes, freckles, dark spots and helps to adjust the skin to look more radiant. to reveal new skin Helps skin look radiant And adjust the skin color to look more uniform. Contains Tyr Control Complex, which is a combination of Kojic Acid, Biotechnology Plankton Extract, Tyr Control Peptide and Alanine, can help reduce the appearance of blemishes, freckles, dark spots and help prevent the recurrence of such problems. It also contains Niacinamide or Vitamin B3 that helps skin look radiant, reduce blemishes, freckles, and dark spots on the face to look naturally faded.

2. Eucerin Spotless Brightening Booster Serum

 The key nourishing ingredient in this formula is Thiamidol, which is exclusive to Eucerin. able to help reduce the occurrence of dark spots and melasma And another kind of skin care ingredient that comes with that is Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, which is a vitamin C derivative that helps fight free radicals. Helps reduce skin pigmentation It also helps to reduce the effects that UV rays can damage the skin as well. This formula focuses on helping to reduce dark spots, especially in people who have started to see results quite clearly.

3. Nivea Luminous 630 Spotclear Treatment

Contains important substances such as Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, a derivative of vitamin C Helps inhibit skin pigment formation Inhibit the production of tyrosinase enzyme, which stimulates the production of skin pigment. There is also Isobutylamide Thiazolyl Resorcinol and TocoPheryl Acetate or Vitamin E Which helps to enhance the work of vitamin C better. It helps to moisturize the skin and help fight free radicals as well. This formula focuses on solving dark spots and blemishes. Especially for those who have recently formed new scars, it will help to see results quite quickly. The nature of the bottle is a pump head. One side of the serum has a silver color. the other side will be pink. After applying the skin, you will feel that your skin is moisturized. I’m not greasy.

4. Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution

It is a famous serum that many young women should know very well. This formula contains a vitamin C derivative that can help brighten your skin. Reduces enzymes that cause skin pigment formation. As a result, it can help reduce the appearance of dark spots. It also has Salicylic acid acting to help exfoliate skin cells. Helps reduce wrinkles Reduce melasma and freckles It helps break down sebum that clogs the pores, which can help reduce acne problems as well.

5. Clinique Even Better Clinical Radical Dark Spot

Comes with new technology CL-302 Equalizer Technology, which has 2 key components, CL-302 Complex and Interrupter Complex, can help reduce the appearance of dark spots. Make acne scars look faded. It can also help adjust the skin color to look clear and consistent. It also helps to care for the skin to cause dark spots. Melasma and freckles are more difficult. Helps maintain healthy skin Helps neutralize free radicals that cause skin damage. And there is also Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate. That can help protect the skin from external pollution as well.