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Samsung Galaxy S21 FE: A New 2022 Smartphone by a Tech Giant

Samsung didn’t take any risks and simply repeated the formula of the 2020 model. The screen, processor and camera set are the same level as in the standard Galaxy S21+, but the body is plastic and more compact, and the battery is a little smaller. Thanks to the great specs, you can do everything from PlayAmo login creation to video editing.

Unlike mid-range competitors like the Xiaomi 11T Pro and Realme GT 5G, the Galaxy S21 FE has premium features like wireless charging, tempered Gorilla Glass Victus and IP68 moisture protection – the model is dustproof and can withstand prolonged immersion under water.

Plastic, Lightweight and Anti-slip

When you get to know the Galaxy S21 FE, you notice how light it is. Because of the plastic back panel, it weighs only 177 grams.

Thanks to the aluminum frame and glass with a good oleophobic coating S21 FE does not feel like a toy – in contrast, for example, all-plastic Realme GT 5G. In the hand the smartphone is pleasant: well balanced, the thumb itself rests on the power button, and the rough matte plastic is not slippery at all.

The Equipment Is Top-notch: Water Protection, Wireless Charging and Dex

In the Fan Edition series, the manufacturer does not seek to reduce the cost by any means, as in the Lite-versions, so most of the signs of a premium device are in place. For example, the Galaxy S21 FE has an IP68 moisture protection certificate: the smartphone is not afraid of sand, dust and immersion in water to a depth of one and a half meters for 30 minutes when turned on.

Samsung has 15W fast wireless charging, which is still quite rare. There is also reverse wireless charging for sharing energy with a friend in case of emergency or to “revive” Bluetooth headphones.

Not bad stereo speakers, AMOLED screen with 120 Hz, 5G and Wi-Fi 6 are taken for granted, but Samsung has another trademark trick. The manufacturer’s top-of-the-line smartphones, including the S21 FE, can be connected to the screen and used in “desktop” Dex mode.

This works with or without a wire. Using an HDMI cable adapter, the phone can be connected to a monitor, mouse and keyboard, turning it into a computer of sorts. The interface changes completely, and programs open in windows that are convenient to work with at the table.

If the old home PC already struggles with the browser and excruciatingly long loading time, the phone can easily replace it – to work with emails and spreadsheets, make presentations and dig through the sources when writing reports and articles, for example.

In wireless mode, you can do the same thing, but on a Samsung TV. This works with almost all models in the last two to three years, but it’s best to check compatibility beforehand. The control has a delay, which depends on the performance of the TV chip and the stability of the Wi-Fi connection – in some cases, the slowness when moving the mouse and typing text is simply impossible to tolerate.

The last option is the connection to a PC. In this case, the interface of the phone opens in a separate window inside Windows, and the window with the proposal to download and install the necessary software appears on the computer itself when connecting the smartphone.

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