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Safety Rules on Road For Class 3

The most important safety rules for keek road travelers are those that involve sharing the road with other vehicles. While traveling by public transport, children should avoid crossing the road while walking. They should also observe traffic signals, such as the weworld  red and yellow lights. They should cross only if they see a green signal, and they should always look for pedestrians when they are crossing a road. This article will briefly explain the main safety rules for road travelers and help them drive safely on the road.


Children can judge when there is a threat by judging the direction and speed of approaching vehicles. By learning about road safety, they can avoid any dangerous skillpage situations and move away from them. Roads are often intersected by railway tracks, and crossings must be safe. In fact, it takes a passenger train two football fields to essembly stop at a crossing. For these reasons, kids should learn to recognize when to move away from the road and when to stop.


In addition, children can play games that explore the risks and consequences of road safety. They can explore the pressures to take risks, especially when traveling with older peers. They can also explore the emotions pupils feel when faced with dangerous filestube situations and how they can stay safe. They can also view posters and adverts that educate them about road safety. These activities will reinforce the importance of road safety to children. There are many benefits for children.