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Preview World Championship, group H

New stadiums, hundreds of millions of fans, 32 best football teams from all over the world – what else is needed for a sports festival. And it will come soon – in a few weeks the 32nd FIFA World Cup will start in Qatar. For the first time, the world championship takes place at such an unusual time and in such an unusual place: the higher the interest in the tournament.

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A group with no clear favorite

Group H is formed from the teams:

  • Portugal
  • Uruguay
  • South Korea
  • Ghana

If you look at the dry numbers of historical statistics, then we can assume that there is a clear favorite in Group H – the Uruguayan team has become the world champion twice. But it was a very long time ago. The not too successful performances of the Portuguese at the last World Cup and the European Championship also do not allow us to call the “European Brazilians” favorites. So it turns out that the fate of the first place is far from certain. In addition, do not forget about the South Korean team, which can also intervene for reaching the playoffs from the first place.


The highest achievement of the “European Brazilians” at the world championships is third place in the 1966 world championship. The team each time sets itself high goals and each time fails. But in terms of composition, the Portuguese national team can be considered one of the strongest in this championship. Pepe, Bruno Fernandes, William Carvalho, Bernardo Silva: these names alone are enough to inspire respect, if not fear, for the rivals of the Portuguese. But there is also Ronaldo, who is eager to win the World Cup. Almost no one doubts that Portugal will reach the playoff round. It remains to be answered: in what place the team will finish the group stage.


Only Uruguay can prevent the Portuguese from taking first place in the group. In terms of composition and experience, the Charrois are not inferior to either their direct opponents or other contenders for the title. The basis of the team are the players of the European top leagues: Ronald Araujo (Barcelona), Matias Olivera (Napoli), Federico Valverde (Real Madrid), Darwin Nunez (Liverpool). There is also a superstar in the squad: Luis Suarez, who plays for the local Nacional. The Uruguayans have already missed the high-profile victories, and it is the Charrois who are the first world champions. The team will leave the group, another question from the first or second place.

South Korea

The main intrigue in the group is whether the Koreans will be able to seriously influence the distribution of places in the group. “Warriors of Teju” is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. The team qualified for the World Cup for the tenth time in a row. The highest achievement is fourth place in 2002. The Koreans are not against going back to the semi-finals. The question remains: will the “Asian tigers” be able to overcome the group barrier. In terms of composition, they are clearly weaker than the national teams of Portugal and Uruguay. Trumps of the team: organization, good physical preparation and strength of mind. Is this enough? Probably not. The team will compete for third place with Ghana, at best, they will be able to get a draw in a game with one of the favorites.


According to all ratings, the weakest team in the group, which is predicted to be fourth. Another thing is that the “black stars” do not agree with this opinion and are ready to prove their strength on the field. The Ghanaians are inferior to the Portuguese and Uruguayans in composition, weaker than the South Koreans in terms of organization. There are several strong players from the European championships here who will try to help their national team to cling to third place in the group. In the playoffs, the team, with a high degree of probability, will not pass.



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