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PMP Certification Cost In India

The PMP certification cost includes the exam cost, training charges, expenses for study books, membership cost (optional), and practice simulation tests charges. Out of these certification costs, the exam cost is standard globally as it is charged by the Project Management Institute (PMI). 

However, other costs can vary depending upon different training providers, various study materials, and even location. The training courses in the USA are relatively higher than in India.

In this article, let’s take a look at all the costs involved for a PMP certification in India. You can go through these costs to get an idea about the budget that you need to set for your entire PMP certification journey. 

PMI Membership fee

You have the option to opt for the PMI membership to save money on your PMP examination cost. The PMI membership fee is Rs9,779.17 ($129) and a one-time application fee of Rs758.22 ($10) 

PMP Exam Fee

You can pay the PMP exam application fee after submitting and getting approval on your application form. The PMP exam fee in India is as follows:

Exam administration type PMI member status US dollars INR
Centre-based testing (CBT) Member  $405 Rs30,048
Centre-based testing (CBT) Non-member $555 Rs41,177
Online testing (OPT) Member  $405 Rs30,048
Online testing (OPT) Non-member $555 Rs41,177

PMP Training Cost 

Now, the training cost for the PMP exam varies among different education providers in India. However, the average cost for a good PMP training provider ranges between Rs14,000- Rs20,000 which is about $200-$300 (USD). 

You can check out the PMP certification training course offered by Techcanvass. 

Practice Tests

You may find various free PMP practice tests over the internet, but investing in paid simulation practice exams can help you analyze your knowledge and preparation for the main PMP exam. 

The cost of good simulator practice exams can somewhere range between Rs4,549-Rs18,000. 


The project management body of knowledge (PMBOK) guide is the primary reference for the PMP examination. If you have a PMI membership, then you can enjoy a free download of the digital PMBOK guide. 

However, if you are not a PMI member, then you can buy a physical copy of the book from Amazon at Rs2,300.

Other Study material

Apart from the PMBOK guide, you will have to invest in other reference study material for the PMP exam preparation. 

Good PMP study material can range between Rs3000-Rs8000

Reexamination Fees

After you receive approval for your application, you get three attempts to clear your PMP examination in a year. If you could not clear the exam on your first attempt, then you have the option to retake the exam by paying the reexamination fee of Rs20,860.26 ($275) for PMI members and Rs28,445.81 ($375) for non-PMI members. 

Certification Renewal Fees

PMP certification holders have to renew their certification every three years by meeting certain renewal requirements and paying renewal fees of Rs4,551.33 ($60) for PMI members and Rs11,377.95 ($150) for non-PMI members.


The cost of pursuing the PMP certification can vary from country to country. The entire PMP certification cost can total around Rs.65,536-Rs109,719. Earning a PMP certification can be expensive, but it is nothing compared to high salary perks after becoming PMP certified. 

Therefore, a PMP certification is worth every penny and time. 

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