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Overview of Mobile App Development

Mobile technology is certainly receiving a lot of attention in the IT world as well as the general business world right now. It seems everyone is executing a mobile strategy, designing a mobile app, or worrying about managing mobile devices. But why all the buzz? What makes mobile so special that it garners this much attention? In this chapter you explore some of the key reasons behind the hype. It really is not “much ado about nothing.

Transformative Devices

For all the hype, there must be something that makes these devices important. There is! Mobile devices add a host of new possibilities for business and personal software because they are truly the first mobile computing platforms. Although laptops and netbooks are moveable, their size significantly impacts how easily they are transported. Very few people carry a laptop during their every waking hour to every location they visit! However, if this were their only advantage, mobile devices would not be causing such a stir. There is much more.


Reaching Customers

Smartphone users almost always have their device within reach. Organizations want to be ready when a potential customer is interested in a product or service. If customers have to wait until they get home to their computers, or worse yet, go to an actual store to get information about or purchase their product, it may be too late. Individuals may forget about what they wanted, or worse yet, a competitor’s product may be available and the sale is permanently lost.


Mobile technology is receiving significant attention in the business and IT worlds. The technology represents a dramatic change in technological capacity that has enabled potential economic advantage for those able to take advantage of it. Mobile technology is the basis of innovations in reaching customers, and in redesigning business processes and software products that lead to the creation of many small businesses.

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