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Our Afghan Allies: Seven Ways to Welcome Them

Afghan refugees and friends require our assistance. For more than twenty years, the US government has collaborated with many Afghan allies to support the US operation as interpreters, translators, cultural consultants, drivers, NGO workers, human rights advocates, and others. Our allies and their families quickly became victims of anti-American violence due to their contribution to the US mission.

The United States has rescued almost 100,000 of our Afghan friends under Operation Allies Refuge, but many remain at risk. We should continue to safeguard and support those in danger.

Here are a few ways you may help support and help Afghan refugees and ensure they remember our warm reception.

1.  Contribute to a Local Resettlement Organisation or Participate as A Volunteer

Donate to a local resettlement organisation or volunteer. Find local organisations that are assisting Afghans in rebuilding their lives. You can also donate to the Welcome Fund, which accumulates, coordinates, and directs funders to community organisations ready to help Afghan refugees.

2.  Donate to Your new Afghani Neighbours

Many of our new Afghan friends arrive in the United States with nothing but the clothing on their backs. Your contribution to Neighbors in Need: Afghan Allies assists recently come families by providing immediate care, financial assistance for necessities, and other services.

3.  Make Them A Job Offer

All Afghans relocated to the United States are given occupational authorisation, allowing them to begin working immediately. Refugees have a remarkable track record of reaching self-sufficiency and contributing back to the local community, with the majority doing so within 180 days.

4.  Consider Signing Up To donate Temporary Housing

Our new neighbours are moving in during a period of high home demand. Visit the Welcome.US website to see how you can provide temporary shelter for Afghan families who have arrived in your neighbourhood.

5.  Create a Sponsor Circle in Your Neighbourhood To Support an Afghan Family

Direct sponsorship can be provided by groups of five or more community members to help Afghan refugees. Sponsor Circles can give bare essentials to Afghans upon their entrance, as well as tasks such as finding initial accommodation, filling the pantry, sending children to school, providing first financial support, and assisting adults in finding work.

6.  Adopt Afghan Children

Foster families are desperately required to help the growing number of orphaned migrant children arriving in the United States, notably those from Afghanistan. We respectfully request that you and your family consider this chance to serve and assist migrant children looking for a new happy home.

7.  Assist in Meeting Their Basic Needs

Learn how you can help meet the needs of Afghan allies by providing them with household items and infant products such as furniture, personal hygiene products, diapers, and baby formula. Let us make sure that no need remains unsatisfied. It is our duty as humans to help Afghan refugees.