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Nicest Neighborhoods for Families New to Vancouver

If you are planning a move to Vancouver soon or have recently moved to Vancouver with your family, it is important to know the best neighborhoods for families. Perhaps you and your family are renting and waiting to discover the perfect neighborhood for you to purchase a home in  Vancouver. There are many family friendly neighborhoods in the city with options for different family preferences.

If you are looking for great outdoor space, or great city culture, there are family neighborhoods for you in Vancouver. Spend some time in each neighborhood you are considering to get a feel for what it would be like to live there. If you are looking for the perfect neighborhood for your family in Vancouver, consider the following:

West Point Grey

West Point Grey is a great location for raising a family, and has amazing access to beaches for families who love spending time outdoors. This is also one of the oldest neighborhoods in Vancouver and gives that great community vibe that families love.

West Point Grey also houses many top schools, both elementary and secondary, which is usually a huge priority for families with school-age kids still at home. There are also a lot of activities for kids in this neighborhood, including at the local rec center.


Dunbar is a neighbor of West Point Grey and widely known as a family and kid-friendly neighborhood. Even restaurants are kid-friendly, offering kids’ menus and even play areas. The neighborhood also offers a Community Centre with fun classes for kids and parents, a preschool, and childcare while parents workout.

Dunbar shares several schools with West Point Grey and has several highly regarded elementary and secondary schools of its own. If you are looking at Vancouver homes for sale before your move, Dunbar may have what your family needs, considering that most houses in the neighborhood are single family homes. The homes in the neighborhood generally offer parking and yard space, which is scarce in the city, but highly desired by families. 


If you have an active family, and you are looking for a beachside neighborhood with plenty of outdoor activity options, consider Kitsilano. This is a laid back neighborhood with plenty of beaches and green space to recreate outdoors, as well as kid-friendly attractions.

Your family can enjoy the longest swimming pool in Canada near Kitsilano Beach. While you are there, you can have a picnic, play in the sand, and enjoy a variety of watersports.

With so many options and such a variety of great neighborhoods for families new to Vancouver, you are sure to find the perfect fit for your family. Whether you value quality education, a community feel in your neighborhood, plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation, or any combination of those, there is a neighborhood for you and your family in Vancouver.

Spend some time taking in the feeling of each neighborhood and doing your own research before your big move, and you will certainly find the best option for your family.