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Must-Own Top Fashion Earrings

Earrings are the staple jewelry pieces that transform your look from head to toe. It has a lot of influence on your style. A simple pair of earrings can uplift your look in a matter of minutes. Earrings can either stay muted or act as focal depending on the sort of style you prefer to put on. As it is relatively easier and handy to mix match and repeat earrings, it is great to add some exotic fashion earrings designs to your collection.

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Fashion Earrings Every Women Must Own

#1. Diamond Stud Earrings

Unsurprisingly, Studs are the topmost choice. The diamond stud earrings exude a sophisticated modern charm. Being modest, dainty, and free from intricacies the diamond stud earrings portray minimalism. This earring features a single diamond, which may or may not is surrounded by a cluster of smaller stones. These earrings sit close to your ears and have a closure at the back, thereby making you look stylish without any effort. Though round diamond stud earrings are widely preferred, you can check out them in more styles, diamond cuts, and settings.

#2Ear cuff earrings:

Ear cuffs have gained a lot of craze for all good reasons. These earrings are for girls who love to experiment with new trends to stand out from the crowd. These earrings fit your ears in such a way that it makes it appear like you have got multiple piercings. From simple to bold and from oxidized to heavily bejeweled, ear cuffs are available in a wide range of options. Wear them with Indian or western silhouettes, these earrings will definitely make you feel and look confident.

 #3. Threader Earrings

These earrings feature a sleek flexible chain that threads through your ear piercing to create a hanging look. The chain in earrings appears like a robe which may feature a stone bobble, geometric shape, motif, or any unique design at the end. Carrying a slim profile these earrings take on a minimalist approach. These earrings come in an array of designs. If you have multiple piercings, you can wear them in multiples to achieve an interesting look.

#4. Drop Earrings

Yet another fashion option, Drop earrings are way too gorgeous. No matter short or long, drop earrings grab attention. From suits to sarees and from evening gowns to indo-westerns, you can wear them with every kind of ensemble. These earrings look exceptionally stylish and are available in a host of designs. There are drop earrings with pearls, diamonds, colorful stones, and metals.

#5. Hoops:

These are evergreen options. When you are in doubt and couldn’t figure out what to wear, simply go for hoops. Known for their classic spherical designs these earrings are much easier to carry on. From simpler to detailed, hoops have got a lot of options to style up your look.


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