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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Perfect for the Australian Mum

Mother’s day is getting close, and in case you haven’t found the perfect gift yet, you might still have time to grab your last-minute purchase before the weekend arrives. If you’re unsure and worried about the closing in deadline, don’t worry, we have you covered. Check out these 10 gift ideas, from bird feeders to a rather nice bottle of rum for the perfect Aussie Mum who deserves to be spoiled. 

Spice up the kitchen with an indoor herb garden kit

With an indoor herb garden kit, your mum won’t have to constantly go to the shops to get her favourite herbs. They’re cute, fun and easy to look after. There is a selection of herbs and spices available to buy online, and a perfect addition to any kitchen. 

Invite the birds with a birdfeeder

Does your Mum always talk about how much she loves hearing the birds sing? It’s no wonder, Australia has a vast array of beautiful native birds. Get her a birdfeeder to encourage the local native birds to come for a visit. Remember not to overfeed the birds, they need to get their own food too. A handful every few days should be more than sufficient. 

Clear up some bookshelf space with an E-reader

If you’re Mum is a bookworm and has too many books lying around the house. It’s probably time to get her an E-reader. Despite how it sounds, they aren’t too expensive, and you can take them with you almost anywhere. Digital books are typically cheaper, and save a trip to the library or bookstore. So it’s a win-win, on almost every count.

Get up early, and prepare her some breakfast in bed

Okay, so we’ve all been there- you just ran out of time to buy a mother’s day gift. It’s not too late to spoil her. Get up early and make her favourite breakfast and serve it to her just as she’s waking up. No Mum loves anything more than to laze around for those extra hours and have breakfast in bed. 

Get a Roomba to keep the floor clean. 

Perhaps it’s time to lighten your Mum’s workload and make her days just a little bit easier. A roomba is a great gift to help keep the house clean. They were a bit of a gimick a few years ago, but now have really great features. They have a smart mapping system that, allows them to make their way around and under furniture. Gone are the days of roombas getting wedged between two dining chairs or stuck on the rug, hopelessly cleaning nothing. 

Say goodbye to instant coffee, say hello to the french press

Don’t let your Mum settle for the same boring old instant coffee every day. Get her a French press, so she can make her coffee taste as fresh as possible. French press coffee has a bold flavour that no instant coffee can capture due to instant coffee, actually being kind of old.  

New gardening gloves for the green thumb Mum

Please don’t let your Mum wear out her hands in those old gardening gloves that she insists are just comfortable to wear. Find her some cute designs with polka dots, flowers, or her favourite colour, so she can keep her fingers and hands free of scratches, blisters and muck.

Get her a tablet to introduce her to technology

We all know the older generation needs to catch up with the 21st century. Invite your Mum into the modern era with a tablet – show her the ropes regarding how to properly use email, and even download a game or two to occupy her time. Studies have shown that people who aren’t used to technology usually prefer tablets, such as iPads over laptops as they have a more “hands-on” approach. Meaning they prefer to touch everything, and can more easily understand the product and what it’s doing. So, if she is a little slow with technology, like so many of our Mums are, get her a tablet! 

Take her on a Vineyard Wine-tasting trip

If you’re of drinking age, there’s no better way to spend quality time with your Mum than on a wine tasting trip in a Vineyard. Let your Mum taste what your local winemakers have to offer, and get a look at the beautiful Australian countryside. With a backdrop of a vineyard, it doesn’t get much more picturesque than that. Most vineyards offer a bus home if you’re worried about who is driving, or maybe you could do her a solid and drive her there and back. 

How about a bottle of boutique rum?

If your Mum isn’t a fan of wine and prefers something with a bit more of a kick, Our favourite rums come from the Western Australian rum distillery, Illegal Tender Rum Co. Check out the Illegal Tender gift set, featuring 3 different bottles of award-winning rum, showcasing the best of WA in 200 ml bottles. The set comes with a spiced spirit, rich with spicy flavours, a Distillers Cut rum, a subtle and flavourful sipping rum, perfect to drink straight. And finally a white rum, perfect for her favourite cocktails and mixers.


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