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Minibus Hire Plymouth

Choose the Minibus Hire Plymouth offered by VI Coaches in Plymouth and get full value for money. We have an exciting range of solo and group travel packages. Our rates are the lowest in the area.

In the quest for professional taxi services in Plymouth, solo and group travellers have become more informed and savvy. There is an increase in the number of travellers who prefer private taxi travel services from reputable service providers. If you are looking for a taxi outfit that is committed to meeting your needs in the area, Elite is the name that should pop up first. We strive to meet the needs of different travellers without denying them comfort, safety and luxury.

We never rely on second rate vehicles that can’t offer the high class fittings you will find in our exclusive fleet. We adhere to your request for custom taxi plans and we make it easy to book them using savvy app technology.

Our Range Of Services Include:

Executive Taxi

Choose our executive fleet of sedans and MPV and tour Plymouth in style. We provide seasoned VIP chauffeurs who know how to handle VIP customer. We have been doing this for the last 15 years, and we fulfil our customer’s luxury needs every time they book vehicles from this category. We ensure that the VIP taxis come with ultra-refined convenience features that make the experience memorable and pampering.