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Men’s Guide to Choosing the Perfect Trunks

Most men prefer wearing trunks over boxers and briefs. So if you are one of those men or wondering if you should use one, here are the things you need to know about men’s trunks.

What to Consider in Wearing Trunks

Body Type

If you are on the shorter side or have narrow legs, trunks are more likely to provide a snug, comfortable fit. 

Trunks are better for showing off what you have if you have a rounder back end. Finally, it comes down to what you see when you look in the mirror.


People wear trunks all year round; however, it is preferable to use trunks in summer, for it has less fabric. 

When it is hot, you shouldn’t use underwear that traps moisture instead of wicking it away from your skin. As such, use fabric that can wick the humidity, and it will keep your skin dry and help combat the summertime crotch odours that plague locker rooms as temperatures rise. 

In addition, this will cool you where you need it most, allowing you to prevent heat rash and other unpleasant side effects of sweating. So, whichever underwear design you choose, make sure your underwear has high-quality fabric that keeps you dry and cool.

What You Wear

Consider wearing trunks if you favour low-rise trousers or short shorts. Trunks will cover the narrower waistline and shorter legs behind your more exposed apparel.

Benefits of Wearing Trunks Than Other Underwear

Covers Less Area

Because men’s trunks have always been shorter than boxer briefs, the hem falls over the widest section of your leg. So, for people with shorter legs, trunks would be a better way to flex their muscles while still retaining comfort. Boxer briefs may be too long in this scenario, and the trunks’ shorter cut will strike just right.

Trunks Look Great With High-Cut Shorts

You can wear trunks beneath trousers and shorts. However, if you want to exercise or participate in sports in shorts that hit higher on the thigh, you should wear trunks rather than boxer briefs to avoid the awkward situation of your underpants peeping out from beneath the hem of your shorts.

Perfect for Lean Men

Trunks are ideal for males with smaller thighs or a leaner body shape. You won’t have to worry about unpleasant bunching or riding up since the trunk’s design is for someone with a short leg and a very tight fit. Furthermore, if you are wearing trunks, you can go about your day with confidence, comfort and ease, knowing that your underwear is able to do its job.

How to Ensure Safety and Comfort

Keep Your Underwear Clean

If you are active and you always sweat too much, tight underwear can cause damp and hot surfaces, which is an ideal temperature for fungus to build up and can cause irritations and other skin infections. So, always keep your underwear and skin clean, shower immediately after exercising and change into a new pair of shoes frequently.


Several studies have demonstrated that testicular warmth can impair sperm count. For example, tight underwear can cause the testes to warm, leading to a lower sperm count. While there is research to back up this claim, don’t be alarmed if you like tighter underwear. It’s not that likely to be a problem for most guys, and you don’t need to drastically alter your underwear practices if you don’t believe fertility is an issue for you.


The material of your underwear may make or ruin your pleasure. So, choose cotton or another synthetic blend to avoid discomfort or chafing

And if you have sensitive skin, seek fabrics that are gentle and breathable. You may also choose something more abundant, such as silk. 

While wool fabric may appear scratchy and unpleasant, it might be one of the most acceptable alternatives for an active male. In addition, in the gym, the newer synthetic mixes are preferable, as these materials give additional flexibility and support and prevent sweat and odour accumulation. Meanwhile, wearing cotton when working out is not recommended.

You are probably one of those who haven’t given much thought to their underwear. However, it would be best to consider it for your style, fashion and, more importantly, safety and health.

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