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Mailmodo: The next-gen newsletter software for smart brands 

Newsletters have been around for quite some time. However, it is a well-known fact that it has only been a while since businesses have realized the true potential of this medium of communication to attract the right audience. Smart brands with a futuristic approach have been focusing a lot on getting the best versions of their newsletters out for their stakeholders and audience. And the most effective way to achieve this is to make engaging, interactive, and mobile-friendly newsletters.

While there’s a long list of objectives that a brand or a marketer wants to accomplish with newsletters, they provide a great opportunity to tap into the sales funnel and help generate more leads and conversions. But here’s the catch. Most email marketers find it difficult to design a top-notch engaging newsletter because they don’t have expertise in coding. This limitation holds them back from executing creative and interactive features within their newsletter, ultimately affecting their engagement and likelihood of achieving incredible conversions.

Fortunately, there’s a new-age newsletter software that has it all figured out for the modern-day marketer. Mailmodo helps brands and their marketing teams to turn subscribers into customers with the perfect blend of technical expertise and a user-friendly approach. With its wide range of interactive features powered by AMP emails, the next-gen software makes for the go-to solution for brands to engage, nurture, and convert their prospects in a highly competitive market.

Mailmodo’s Interactive AMP emails enable marketers to:

Design interactive newsletters in minutes

There is a common notion that creating a professional-looking newsletter takes a lot of time and effort. Mailmodo’s no-code software breaks this myth once and all. Now, anyone and everyone can use Mailmodo’s intuitive editor with more than 50 templates to make a customized newsletter according to their brand’s requirements. Users can also import custom-coded templates to experiment with innovative theme-based designs.

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Deliver in-app experiences within an email 

In today’s competitive market, carving a niche for itself is the key element for any brand to build a strong and meaningful connection with customers who are always looking for something better and personalized. Mailmodo enables brands to make a transition from boring and traditional emails to dynamic emails with a wide range of personalization fields and updatable templates. This helps in making the newsletter more presentable and increases the likelihood of your stakeholders reading your content till the last word.

Facilitate conversions within the newsletter

With interactive features such as forms, surveys, and polls inside the email, marketers get access to a unique mechanism to drive more conversions in the same mail where the newsletter has been shared. Condition-based forms can add a lot of value for brands to make their audience feel important by personalizing the experience and giving them what they want. Brands can use these interactive features to drive more traffic to their webinars, virtual appointments, and tutorials, among other business-led activities. AMP emails by Mailmodo are the most cost-effective way for brands to acquire first-party data and gain an advantage over competitors.

While newsletters are surely something that marketers should look out for when using Mailmodo, its use-cases extend to providing a plethora of features that help email marketers take that extra step to convert a basic looking email into an experience. The platform has been specially designed to eliminate all roadblocks that a marketer otherwise faces in their daily operations. For the longest, marketers have been looking out for a no-code solution that offers them the right set of tools and technology to engage with their audience at every step of the sales funnel, right from lead generation, to conversion, to upselling.

With Mailmodo, they get a hands-on email marketing solution to make the most of interactive as  well as traditional emails with disruptive features like conditional email automation, end-to-end campaign management, actionable insights, list management, etc. That’s surely a win-win situation for all. By democratizing interactive AMP emails, Mailmodo ensures that marketers never miss out on showcasing their creative side to better engage with their audience and build credibility like never before.