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LED Ticker Screens are the Best Way to Display Live Data

Technological advancement has brought revolutionary changes in all walks of life. In the past, small and few data types were available, so there wasn’t any need for huge display screens. But now we have huge data in numerous formats, and it demands more active and live display screens.

Scrolling LED display screens provide the best solution to this challenging situation. These screens are excellent at showing the data that needs to be scrolled. These screens display moving data, or you can say dynamic data. These screens offer flexibility with true color modules; these can be customized according to the environment where these are to be installed. These can acquire various shapes like convex, concave, or cylindrical as per the event requirement.

The uses of scrolling LEDs

Stock exchanges 

As it is discussed above, these scrolling screens are best for displaying dynamic or moving data, and the stock exchanges commonly have such data. Scrolling LEDs are used to display their dynamic data. In Mumbai, an LED ticker is installed at the National Stock Exchange of India to display the ever-changing data. Its size dimensions are 42.8 ft x 2.5 ft. It updates the data in real-time and provides the following facilities.

  • Captures dynamic data fluctuations and updates data every second
  • It draws data from the NSE exchange and directly transmits it to the screen.
  • It differentiates different categories using separate colors, such as rising stocks in green and falling stocks indicated in red color.


 At the airports, important information about flights and weather updates is displayed on scrolling LED screens. All the alterations in any information are updated in real-time. This information could be for passengers or airport crews, but it is vital and required to be updated in real-time. In this scenario, ticker screens perform well.

Health care centers

 Hospitals or healthcare units are the places where crucial information is needed to be transmitted to a wider public. Scrolling LED screens are the best means for it. Larger hospitals use these screens to display information about the timing, patient guidance, rules, etc., to the public.

Sports Arenas  

 Sports stadiums are the places where people enjoy live games, and scrolling LED screens enhance the charm. These capture the audience’s attention, display the live scores replays and also show the critical moment in decision-making. These large LED screens are an essential part of any game arena, whether indoor or outdoor.

Shopping Malls

Shopping malls are also lavish with large LED displays. These are used to display promotional content, important rules, product descriptions, and much more. This help enhances public interaction in the mall and attracts more customers.

Government buildings

At some government buildings, scrolling screens are used to display information of public interest. Weather forecasts, temperature, and humidity levels are displayed publicly at the centers. In extra green areas, pollen counts are also indicated to inform people with allergies.


Scrolling screens are very useful and facilitate in almost all areas where live and crucial information is needed to transmit. These are easy to install and maintain, and they are economical and suitable for displaying a wide range of information. It gets the more powerful results through marketing campaigns. It is wise to use LED screens for product and business advertisement.