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Keeping Kids Busy in June

It’s the sentence every parent dreads hearing in the summer… “I’m BORED!”

Summer vacation seems like a great break until the first two or three weeks are over. That’s when the novelty wears off, and kids start to get restless. How can you keep your kids busy in June, especially if you have work or other commitments to focus on?

Here are some ideas that can keep everyone happy this summer.

Summer Reading Programs

Since the mid-1980s, Pizza Hut has offered a program where kids from kindergarten through sixth grade can read books over the summer and win a free one-topping personal pan pizza. Depending on your age, you might remember doing this, and now your kids can do it too!

Pizza Hut isn’t the only place that offers summer programs—many times your local library will have fun summer reading events as well. Reading programs not only promote literacy but also gives kids a chance to learn more about their interests and discover new passions.

So if your children are looking for something to do this summer, encourage them to sign up for a summer reading program. It’s a great way to keep them learning—and having fun too!

Encourage Kids to Play Outside

Too many kids spend their free time in front of screens. Instead, consider having your children play outdoors.

Playing outdoors is a great way for kids to stay busy and healthy during June. It provides an opportunity to get fresh air and sunshine while also burning off energy. Plus, spending time outside can help improve moods and reduce stress levels.

There are plenty of ways for kids to stay active outdoors. One option is to join a local sports team or participate in organized activities at a park or recreation center. Or, children can make up their own games in the backyard.

No matter how they choose to spend their time outdoors, kids are sure to stay happy and healthy all summer long.

Take a Family Road Trip

Sometimes the whole family needs a change of scenery to shake off the “same old, same old.” Summertime is the perfect time for a road trip. The weather is warm, the days are long, and there’s no school to worry about. Plus, it’s a great way to spend some quality time with the family.

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Stave Off the Boredom

With a little creativity and some of the ideas we’ve shared, you can keep your kids entertained this month. And don’t forget to have plenty of fun yourself!

Summer is a time for enjoying the outdoors, relaxing with friends and family, and just taking it easy. We hope you have a wonderful season.


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