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Interesting technical developments in 2022

Every year, scientists around the world work hard to present their technical developments and the latest technologies. Analysts evaluate innovations and rank inventions that help projects become known. It is about such novelties in 2022 that will be discussed in this article.

Rejection of passwords

Today, website hacks and theft of user personal data have become a real problem in cyberspace. Each site tries to implement the most reliable system that will avoid fraudulent attacks and hacks. Some hackers obtain secret data using spoof sites or various tricky manipulations. At the same time, password managers such as Dashlane and 1Password do not always save. However, there is one radical solution – the complete rejection of passwords. This idea may sound crazy, but today many companies are increasingly moving towards biometric identification methods. One of the first such programs was Apple’s facial recognition system. In March 2021, Microsoft announced that some of its customers could opt-out of passwords entirely, and in September suggested that users remove the option altogether.

Generative artificial intelligence

another novelty of 2022 is generative artificial intelligence models. These are special models based on machine learning methods. They can be used to examine content or objects and then create new, completely independent data from them. Such models can be used bodyweight squat in various fields – in marketing, medicine, or coding. Generative artificial intelligence is expected to generate about 10% of all data produced by 2025.

Data structure

Every year, the amount of information consumed and stored in the network increases millions of times. In this regard, users have become much more likely to use storage for information. However, as the number of applications has skyrocketed, the demand for data factories has also skyrocketed. Data factories are a special, flexible integration between platforms and business users. They allow you to improve the processing of information through built-in analytics. Thanks to this, it became possible to significantly reduce the costs of companies and reduce the payback time.

Cloud platforms

Such platforms will enable the rapid expansion of digital services anywhere in the world. Cloud platforms provide scalable and flexible IT capabilities to help. which technologies can be developed, accelerating payback and reducing costs. These technologies can be used in various fields – from economics to betting. You may visit WooCasino website to find out more information about bets.

Economical cryptocurrency mining

Cryptocurrency has certainly become very popular in recent years. Blockchain network users are constantly working to improve the system, including trying to make mining more economical. The blockchain system allows you to exchange data anonymously and without intermediaries. This is its main advantage, but there is a problem: cryptocurrencies appear exclusively in the process of mining, that is, they are not issued by the bank, like a traditional currency. A lot of energy is sharpened for the computing work of computers, which is why the mining process becomes expensive and energy-intensive. Therefore, the blockchain industry is looking for ways to reduce energy consumption.

The most energy-intensive part of cryptocurrency mining involves the operation of an algorithm known as proof of work. At the same time, the need for energy is growing along with the growing popularity of bitcoin. One way to optimize the power consumption of a blockchain infrastructure could be to move away from proof of work in favor of proof of stake. Despite the fact that this technology has been known for a long time, not all companies work on this algorithm. That is why a general transition to the proof of stake algorithm can significantly reduce costs and make cryptocurrency mining more economical.


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