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Injured in a bike accident in Henderson? Check the necessary steps!

Bicyclists often suffer the most traumatic injuries in traffic accidents. If you were riding your bike on the roads of Henderson and were injured in an accident where the auto driver was clearly at fault, you should engage an attorney at the earliest. Nevada is a tort/fault state, and therefore, the party responsible for the accident is also liable for your losses. With a Henderson bike accident attorney on your side, you have a better chance of getting the right compensation. In this post, we are sharing what you must do immediately after a bike accident.

  1. Seek medical care. Call 911 immediately and get help, even when it is someone else who has suffered an injury. Injuries related to auto accidents may not immediately seem apparent, and you must see an injury doctor to rule out the possibilities.
  2. Call the police. You should call the local police immediately after the mishap. If you want to file a bike accident lawsuit and seek damages from the at-fault party, you need the police report. Leaving the scene could be an expensive mistake.
  3. Do not temper with the crime scene. If it is safe to move your vehicle to a safer place, consider doing that, but don’t disturb the accident scene. Don’t try to move other vehicles or do anything that could mean you tried to conceal details.
  4. Take a few pictures. You need evidence to seek damages, and photos from the accident can help support your claim. Take pictures of your injuries, the scene, your bike, and damaged vehicles if you can do so.
  5. Call an attorney. You should get a bike accident lawyer before you decide to talk to the insurance company. You may end up saying things that damage your claim, and it is best to have a lawyer you can trust for the work. Lawyers know what it takes to negotiate and can help with the paperwork and everything else.

Final word

Following a bike accident, you may find it hard to deal with the claims process. hiring an attorney can ease your work, and more importantly, you don’t have to pay an upfront fee. Most lawyers take a contingency charge, where the lawyer’s fee depends on the case’s outcome. If you don’t win the claim and get compensation from the other side, the lawyer cannot demand a fee. Call a bike accident lawyer now and schedule a meeting. 


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