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Hrithik | Hrithik | Hri thik Raag Jatt Video Songs – My First exposure to Raag Jatt?

“Ragra Jatt” is a hit Hindi movie directed by Shimit Amin and starring Vijay and Hrithik Ravi Verma. The movie is about a young girl called Pornoos, who gets accidentally thrown into the British prison. There she meets the inmate, Raja (Vijay), who wants to sell her diamond necklace to get a lighter for his friend. While being sold, the Jail Officer tries to rape her but she manages to escape from them. Later she gets herself released after catching a snake in a drain but she gets into another fight with the Tiger and ends up getting severely beaten.

So far so good. Now we get to the part of “Ragra Jatt” where the heroine is given a lesson on how to dance by a lovely and sexy dancer named Malla (played by Shazahn Padamsee). The dance lessons are given by two men named Boondi and Anandi. While trying to learn, she finds out that she has to sing a song (called a duet) in order to learn. Once she has successfully started singing, she finds herself automatically enrolled in the advanced training camp of Raag Jatt.

This is the movie where our main character comes in. This is Malla who by now has become known as one of the most sought after dancers because of her flawless dancing skills and ability to sing both in tune and out tune. So when Ranga Jatt comes looking for her, he has to go through her instead of going straight to the training ground.

But first things first. I had watched the movie multiple times from the first day it came out. After all, I had been craving for an updated Raag Jatt flick since last few months. So when I found out about this latest punjabi songs download, I got very eager to find out what this movie was all about. The movie itself is based on the novel called Baahubali.

The movie follows the story of Malla and Ranga as they train and compete against each other in the competition organized by Raag Jatt. The movie did not disappoint my taste and it kept me interested till the very end. There are a number of scenes which kept me on the edge of my seat. Some of the scenes included in the Raag Jatt video songs download include the fight between Malla and Ranga, Malla’s first song (I am sure all of us have listened to this song at least once), the climax of the movie, and the song (I am sure we have all heard this song dozens of times) ‘Malla sahib Zameen’.

Another great thing about the Raag Jatt video songs is that they are available to everyone for free. You don’t have to search too hard as there are plenty of online stores who offer the Raag Jatt videos for download. Most of these online stores also provide with the lyrics to the songs which helps you get connected with the characters and understand the story more easily. The Raag Jatt eBooks also include professional translation, audio version and a detailed plot summary which makes the story even better.


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