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How to Unlock iPhone without Passcode?

Once an iPhone becomes disabled, the passcode can no longer unlock it. Your child can get your iPhone disabled when he/she playfully enters a wrong passcode 10 consecutive times. This can also happen if your friend or partner changes your passcode without your knowledge. It can even be due to frequent changes to your passcode and you just can’t remember the right one.

Are you battling with unlocking a disabled iPhone or looking to prepare yourself in case of one? This is the right article for you. We will look into how to unlock iPhone without passcode.

iPhone Screen Unlock and Passcode

Every mobile device has security features that ensure the user data is not freely available to anyone. One of such is the screen lock and password request. But there is a big addition to this security outfit in iPhones. For androids, the passcode can be inputted wrongly 5 times, but the device will not be disabled. It will only disallow unlocking for a few seconds.

Wrong passcode input into an iPhone can become disabled. And that requires unlocking without the passcode. This can be easily done with Dr.Fone – Screen Unlock. Before we discuss this masterpiece tool, lets us look at the usual methods of how to unlock the iPhone passcode.

Ways to unlock iPhone without Passcode

Several methods are there on how to get into a locked iPhone without a password. We will discuss two of the common ways and the last one that is best coupled with other advantages.

Unlocking with iTunes

The use of iTunes is the first answer to how to unlock iPhone. After the phone gets disabled, the message will ask you to connect to iTunes. To use iTunes to unlock a disabled iPhone without the passcode, the “find my phone” function must not be enabled.

This method entails opening iTunes on a computer and the disabled phone is connected to it via cable. Wait for the phone to be detected by iTunes and then select the “Restore iPhone” option. This will erase all the iPhone data and restore it to default. If the data have been recently backed up on iTunes, they can be restored after the unlocking. But if not, they will be lost.

Unlocking with iCloud

The second most common method for how to unlock iPhone is with the use of iCloud. Just like iTunes, iCloud is a service point by Apple. To use iCloud, the “find my phone” function must be enabled. This method does not require the use of a desktop as iCloud can be accessed on another mobile device. The iCloud account associated with the disabled iPhone is logged into once iCloud.com has been opened on another device.

The apple devices connected to that iCloud account are displayed once logged into. Select the disabled iPhone and click on “erase iPhone.” This will erase all the phone data including the passcode. The phone is unlocked and restored to default without using the passcode.

Unlock without Passcode using Dr.Fone – Screen Unlock

The third and final method on how to unlock iPhone is with Dr.Fone – Screen Unlock. Dr.Fone is a tool designed by Wondershare for several mobile phone management functions. This toolkit works for both iPhone and Android devices. A vital function of this diverse toolkit is unlocking a disabled iPhone without the use of a password. Asides from this function, the Dr.Fone software can also be used for data recovery and backup, password management, system repair, app transfer, and lots more.

Dr.Fone- Screen Unlock(ios) can be used in these simple steps. These steps include:

  1.     To begin, download and install the Dr.Fone software on your desktop. Launch the software and then select the “Screen Unlock” function.
  2.     The second step is to connect the disabled iPhone to the desktop via a lightning cable and wait for the software to discover the device. After this, proceed to select the “Unlock IOS Screen” function.

3.    Activate the DFU mode on the iPhone by following the instructions displayed on the screen.

4.    Ensure to input the specifications for your iPhone model to allow the download of the latest firmware version of your iPhone.

5.    After the download is done, click “unlock now.”

6.    Input the confirmation that is displayed on the screen to begin the unlocking process. When it is done, the phone will be fully unlocked and feel like a new one.

Final Words

A disabled iPhone can be a circumstance for anybody at any time. The important thing is to know ways to unlock it. Looking for how to unlock iPhone without the passcode? Dr.Fone – Screen Unlock is the answer. This tool unlocks your iPhone and still ensures there is no damage to your firmware during the process. Don’t forget that the Dr.Fone toolkit is a whole lot of goodness for managing both your iOS and Android devices.


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