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How to test Microsoft Office candidate proficiency for employment

The MS Office package is synonymous with office work. It is used globally and therefore professionals must be competent in using these tools. Recruiters and employers expect some type of proficiency when it comes to this. And Microsoft Office testing software is a great platform to assess anyone.

Which roles require Microsoft Office skills testing?

Every office worker needs to use MS Office tools. Even those who don’t primarily work in admin or office-based roles will work with MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint every day. It can be for written communication or presenting reports or showing numbers to demonstrate a point.

Whether it is secretarial skills testing or assessing someone in project management, numerous jobs will expect the candidates to undergo MS Office skills testing during the hiring process.

There are several difficulty levels in the Microsoft Office testing software – Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and Mixed Level. Employers and recruiters can choose the appropriate difficulty level to measure their applicants’ knowledge. It is easy and quick to send the assessments to all applicants through online skills testing software system. All recruiters need to do is pick the MS Office package to test the candidates on and hit send from within the skills assessment software platform. Additionally, most good recruitment database software systems integrate smoothly with their employment skills testing system, so it adds to the efficiency and productivity factor.

What do Microsoft Office assessments include?

The MS Office versions include 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 and 2021. Recruiters can choose to test candidates on any of them. It depends on the version that the hiring company primarily uses.

Candidates will find each assessment will last up to 20 minutes and contains anything from 25 to 40 questions. They will be tested on best practices and knowledge of shortcuts for each of the productivity tools. The assessment will also include tests on formatting, tables, and illustrations as well as advanced and specialist tasks depending on the difficulty level. Candidates have the option of going through some practice questions that should familiarise them with the skills test layout and what kind of questions they can expect.

With the MS Office skills tests ranging from basic to advanced, the online skills testing software is the best way to test the proficiency of candidates on the suitable skill level required for the position. Recruiters can use the basic MS Office skills test to appraise a candidate’s overall understanding of each of the applications as well as their data entry and typing skills. Then there is the intermediate Microsoft Office skills test which is relevant for candidates whose role demands that they do more than simply typing, data entry, and sending emails. The advanced level is perfect for assessing prospective candidates who need to be experts at using Excel, Word and other tools.

How does using candidate skills assessment software benefit recruiters?

Relying only on CVs and interviews to check candidate proficiency can lead to wrong hiring decisions. Many times, employers might discover that their new staff is not quite the talent they thought they had hired. This can seriously impact work and business output. And then there is the cost of starting the hiring cycle all over again.

Using online skills testing software enables recruiters and hiring companies to quickly and easily assess candidates. The capabilities and potential are highlighted which makes it easy for recruiters to select the best candidates to move them further along the recruiting process. This way only applicants of a high calibre will be shortlisted.

Microsoft Office testing software ensures that employers and recruiters reduce the risk of a wrong hire. Using this employment skills testing software alongside the best recruitment agency software UK will only increase efficiency and boost the chances of getting the best results.