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How to Stay Warm this Winter in Australia

Whether you love winter or hate the cold weather, staying warm and regulating temperatures at home is crucial. The good news is it doesn’t have to be expensive either. There are plenty of ways to warm up without breaking the bank. Everything from choosing the right heater for your home to investing in winter bedding and making more home cooked meals can help.  manytoons

Here are our top tips to stay warm this winter while saving money on heating costs.

1. Choose the right heater for your home

Heaters are the best way to make sure your home is warm and toasty during the coldest months of the year. If you currently don’t have a heater, now’s the time to get prepared before winter well and truly kicks in.  manytoon 

When shopping for a heater, think about what size space you need to heat, how often you’ll need to use the heater and how much you want to spend. Keep in mind, heaters with higher energy stars tend to cost more to purchase but will usually save you in the long run through reduced energy use. 

If you want to embrace the cosiness that winter can bring, consider opting for a gas log fire. These heaters have all the charm of a traditional wood fire but none of the preparation or clean up – simply turn on your fire with the flick of a switch. To find out more about gas log fire installation Perth, chat with your local installer.

2. Service your heating unit

Whatever type of heating you use in your home, keeping it in good working order will make it more effective and energy efficient. Before the weather gets too cold, it’s a good idea to have your heater serviced by a professional. 

Even if you haven’t noticed anything wrong acmarketnet with your heater, a regular service will ensure everything is running smoothly and prevent any inconvenient breakdowns over winter. Plus, servicing your heater regularly can extend its life.

3. Shut up unused rooms

If you aren’t using particular rooms in your home, shut the doors. This will make it more efficient to heat the rooms that are being used. For example, if you only use the living room during the day, shut all the doors in the house to help contain the heat in the areas that actually need to be heated. 

4. Seal doors and window frames

Heat can escape quickly through gaps under your doors and around your windows. Before the weather gets too cold, go around your house looking for gaps and use a sealant to seal them up. Sealant can be bought from your local hardware store and is easier to use than you might think.

For gaps under your door, you can use a door stopper – sometimes called a draught stopper. Simply close your door and place the door stopper at the base to stop heat sneaking out.

5. Work with the sun

In summer you might close your curtains during the hottest part of the day to keep your home cool. In winter, you can do the opposite and make the most of the midday sun to add some warmth to your house.

Also consider purchasing heavier curtains to reduce heat loss throughout the night and the colder parts of the day. The bonus is that it’ll be an investment that helps keep the heat out in summer too. 

6. Update your bedding

During the coldest time of day, you’re usually tucked up in bed. So it makes sense to invest in good quality winter bedding that’s going to keep you nice and warm throughout the night.

Start with a mattress topper for added support and an extra layer of insulation. Then add some cotton flannelette sheets which are thicker and warmer than traditional bed sheets. Top it off with a high quality quilt – wool, memory fibre and down quilts tend to be the warmest.

7. Get cooking

Cooking at home in winter is a win in more ways than one. Firstly, there’s nothing more satisfying than a hot, comforting meal on a cold winter’s day. Eating hot soups, casseroles and puddings can help you feel warm from the inside out. Throw in some chillies and hot spices for an extra kick. Hot drinks are also a great way to warm up quickly.

Beyond eating nourishing home cooked meals, cooking with your oven or stove top can fill your rooms with heat, helping you feel warmer. Try leaving the oven open once you’ve turned it off so that the hot air can escape into the room. 

8. Stay active

If you’re feeling chilly, try getting up and doing some exercise. Moving your body is an effective way to generate your own body heat and feel warm fast – and it’s also a great mood booster.

Just because the weather is colder, doesn’t mean you can’t get out and do things. Whether you love going for runs, doing some yoga at home or getting your groove on, staying active this winter is one of the best ways to stay warm too.

There are plenty more ways to warm up too. Wrap yourself in some cosy woollen jumpers, sleep your feet into some soft slippers, have a hot bath or snuggle up with a hot water bottle. Cosy up in front of a fire or cuddle your loved ones to exchange some body heat – finding ways to stay warm can be fun. Good luck and stay warm! rexdlcom


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