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How to Recover Data from USB Partition with the help of data recovery software?

Don’t let important data get lost in the depths of USB partitions! With Stellar Data Recovery software, users can find what they need with ease and confidence. No more spending hours worrying about technical jargon – simply sit back, relax, and watch as your valuable files are safely recovered!

How to Recover Data from a USB Partition?

A devastating mishap has occurred – a 16GB USB flash drive, containing valuable data, was detrimentally afflicted with a missing partition table. The device is still detected by the computer though it shows as RAW formatted and its capacity zeroed out. Is there any hope for recovery? With gratitude in advance for your assistance to restore this lost information!

What Causes USB Partitions?

USB partition data loss can occur from a range of events, ranging from deletion to virus infection. However, the good news is that you do not need to resign yourself to permanent data loss. As long as no new information has been added to your USB drive since it was lost or corrupted, Stellar Data Recovery allows for the successful recovery of previously stored documents and files safely and easily!

Download Free USB Partition Recovery Software

With Stellar Data Recovery software, it’s easy to recover data from lost or deleted partitions on USB flash drives and hard drives. This reliable partition recovery program provides an excellent solution for recovering files and folders that were missing after the deletion of one or more partitions – saving you time, effort, and worry.

Steps to Recover Data from USB Partitions

To begin recovering a lost partition from your USB flash drive on Windows, download and install Stellar Data Recovery software onto your computer. Then connect the device to restore its data in no time! Follow our guide for step-by-step instructions – simple yet effective results are guaranteed.

Unearth precious data with stellar professional Data Recovery software! Start your journey by selecting “Lost Partition Recovery” and let our program do the rest.

To commence the procedure, ensure the USB device is connected to your computer. Then select its partition and click ‘Start’ so you can begin!

This USB partition recovery software will launch a thorough scan of the lost partition, during which users may need to wait for some time.

After carefully reviewing the recovered files and previewing any photos, all that is left to do is select your desired partition data and press “Recover”. Doing so will ensure the prompt return of cherished memories.

Secure your lost data with the Data Recovery program! This reliable software is designed to help you restore a missing partition and recover the information stored in it. Furthermore, its user-friendly interface allows for quick recovery of any file type from external hard drives, SD memory cards, and camera cards. Download now – and get back all of your precious memories without breaking a sweat!

Free File Scan & Preview Recovery

With Stellar, retrieving all kinds of lost or deleted files including music files, documents and videos is made easier than ever before. And better yet – you don’t have to pay a dime if the data isn’t recovered! Previewing found items ensures that your precious memories are exactly where they’re supposed to be.

Recover When Scanning

This Advanced data recovery software is the perfect solution for those dealing with damaged video files, offering two distinct repair modes to meet all requirements and ensure optimal quality. Quick mode provides a straightforward approach while advanced mode goes further in its restoration efforts – delivering results expected from modern powerful software.

Quick Access File Targeting

Experience freedom and convenience with this scan tool! Easily explore the data stored on any device, ranging from documents to audio to videos. Plus, get a look at your recovered elements before deciding which ones you want restored – an excellent way to make sure everything is there!

BitLocker Data Recovery

Stellar offers maximum control over the scanning process, granting you the ability to pause it any time and retrieve already-detected data.

Beginner’s Guide

This Windows data recovery software is the ultimate solution to recovering lost or deleted data with ease and speed. Let us be your guide as you explore this powerful, efficient tool!

With Stellar Data Recovery software, retrieving lost data can be done with immense ease. It is the most popular and trusted tool among customers as it brings a redesigned user interface that simplifies file recovery – all you need to do is scan your system once for finding files quickly and accurately! Scanning speeds are boosted in addition to larger preview boxes which provide clear visibility of recoverable files.


If you have experienced difficulties when attempting to empty your Recycle Bin, or if something precious has been deleted accidentally in Windows 10/8/7.  Stellar Data Recovery provides a reliable solution. Offering an advanced yet easy-to-use interface for recovering files from the Recycle Bin within minutes; users can upgrade to a premium subscription or access its free version through visiting their official website.