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How to Get Part-Time Jobs in USA for International Students?

Every year lakhs of international students across the globe move to study in USA. But studying in USA comes with certain challenges, the cost being one of them. The high tuition fees and costs of living in USA demand students be financially sound or have a secondary source of funding. While opting for an educational loan or scholarship is a great way to support your cost of studying in USA, many students take up different part-time jobs to manage their pocket money or extra costs.

Taking up part-time jobs in USA is one of the best ways to learn and earn while studying in USA or any foreign country. But as a new student, how can you find a part-time job in the USA? For this, this blog will guide you on how to get part-time jobs in USA, along with several part-time jobs for international students.

What are the Types of Part Time Jobs in USA?

As an international student, you need an F1 non-immigrant student visa in USA, to be eligible for part-time jobs in the country. You can find several part-time work opportunities in USA, which are discussed below:

On-Campus Employment

There are numerous on-campus jobs that international students can apply for. It allows the students to work for a maximum of 20 hours per week while in university and can work full time during their holidays and vacation time. 

Off-campus Employment

Off-campus employment is those jobs which are not related to the university and are much stricter than on-campus work. Students must need to take adequate authorisation from the authority for the work.

The authorisation is categorised into two types OPT (Optional Practical Training) and CPT (Curricular Practical Training). 

  • OPT: Students can work in OPT after enrolling for at least 9 months in the course. They can work both during and after completing their course.
  • CPT: It is an integral part of your curriculum or academic course. You must need academic credit to be eligible for the training.

Popular Part-Time Jobs in USA for International Students

F1 Visa students are allowed to work part-time for upto 20 hours per week during their studies. You can find various part-time jobs available in USA whose salary ranges from 10 USD to 15 USD per hour. Some of the popular paying jobs in USA for international students are given below:

Part Time Jobs  Average Pay Per Hour (USD)
Campus Ambassador  10.94
Barista  11.54
Teaching Assistant  11.95
Library Assistant  13.24
Receptionist  13.31
Department Assistant 15.44
Research Study Assistant  16.48
Catering Assistant  16.81
Sales Assistant  20.00
Tutor or Mentors 21.31

How to Get Part Time Jobs in USA?

Searching for a part-time job in the USA can be challenging for every student. To help you, here we have given some of the resources you must look for to get work opportunities in USA:

  • Career Services: University career services can help get employment opportunities. 
  • Program Departments: Certain universities offer paid research or work opportunities for their students in the course field.
  • Students Union: This is a great way to help you find upcoming vacancies and its application.
  • Online Platforms:  Some online platforms and groups can be the best way to offer work both on-site and remotely based.

So these are some part-time job opportunities for international students in USA. Having a non-immigrant work visa is necessary to apply for part-time jobs in the USA. So, start looking for opportunities immediately after receiving your admit from the desired university. For further guidance and assistance, connect with the best overseas educational consultants


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