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How to find the best Fresher Events?

Firstly, Congratulations On Making It To University!

Now that the hard work of A-Levels is over, it’s time to start planning your freshers week. There’s loads of funky fresher events advertised, almost too many! It can be a bit daunting deciding which ones to go to, and no one wants to get FOMO from missing a great night out. We’ve got a few helpful tips to make sure you go to the hottest freshers events and make the best of the first week at university.

Join Facebook Groups For Your University City

I know I know, you’re thinking who goes on facebook apart from your mum and her friends. However, when you’re starting University, Facebook can be an incredibly useful tool to join groups and meet people. If you’ve made sure to join designated Facebook pages and groups for your University City, you’ll have a much better idea of the best freshers events to go to.

Join Group Chats For Halls Of Residence

Your halls of residence will have a group chat and it’s very important you join! After all, who else are you going to message to let you in when you’ve lost your key for the 3rd time? Aside from this, you’ll be able to meet your neighbours and flatmates, find out which events people are going to and make plans for pre-drinks to get to know everyone a bit better.

Check Your Student Union Website

Student Unions are always somewhat overlooked, however they can be a great source of information for freshers. They may be holding their own events or have a list of popular events that students of your University normally attend. In freshers week, it’s easy to forget that you also have the days to fill with fun activities and exploring the city. Student Unions always have Freshers Fairs which are a great source of information about societies and nights out, sometimes they even have vintage clothing sales. They’re a good way to meet other first years and learn more about the University!

Do Your Own Research

Google is your best friend when preparing for freshers week! Once you’ve researched which events are popular in your new city via social media, it’s time to have a look at which ones suit your interests. There’s absolutely no reason to stop you suggesting an event to your neighbours or flatmates. You can also attend club nights with just one other person with the intent to make friends there. Everyone in freshers week is very eager to make friends so you’ll have no trouble finding people there to have a great time with. Event ticketing websites also will have a recommended section for freshers, so it’s worth having a look there.

The most important part of freshers week is to enjoy it! There’s no need to feel pressured to attend any events you won’t have fun at and being selective will also help you make friends with more like minded people. Whether you’re going out every night or attending the freshers fair, be sure to stay safe and have fun.


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