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How to Create An Effective Video Ad with Testimonials

For many businesses, online video marketing has become one of the most effective marketing tools around. And one commonly used element of video marketing is video ads with testimonials. An online video editor can help ensure that your ads have the right tone. But if you want to get the most out of such videos, you need to learn more about them. This way, you’re giving your customers exactly what they want to see. These are some tips to help create effective video ads with testimonials.

What is Testimonial Advertising?

Aside from infomercials, testimonial advertising is not as popular as other forms of advertisement. This doesn’t mean that these ads are ineffective. In fact, they’re very powerful and effective in bringing new customers into your business. 

A testimonial ad contains quotes from customers. They talk about how your products or services have improved their lives in one way or another. These reviews are to reassure potential buyers that your products or services will work for them too.

This type of advertisement may seem similar to a product ad as it displays what your brand has to offer. However, it’s much more emotional. Such videos focus more on the customers’ experience and less on what you’re selling.

How Can You Use Testimonials?

Consumer testimonials have proven to be one of, if not THE most effective form of marketing over time. The idea that a person is personally endorsing your product or service through a recorded statement has a strong impact on consumers. It can also help set you apart from your competitors. 

Reach your customers for their thoughts about your products. Ask your friends, family members, or colleagues as spokespeople for your brands. Then, use a simple editing tool such as an online video editor to combine all of these into an ad. This helps you attract potential buyers, as they can have an insight into what your brand has to offer. 

Let’s say you’re looking to raise money for a new crowdfunding campaign. Creating a promo video featuring key approvals is what should come first in your mind. And if you can, ask former funders and recipients to share their thoughts. This video can go a long way towards convincing potential backers to contribute.

Why Are They Effective?

A user’s account of their experience using your product—can be much more effective than you think. Testimonials are a valuable tool for any video ad. They can help persuade viewers that your product is worth buying. 

For example, if one of your users has improved their health thanks to your product, they may have a story that really resonates with potential customers. More importantly, since these reviews come from people just like them, viewers tend to trust and relate better.

This means that having strong and relevant quotes in your video may prove more effective than making traditional ad copy. Your ad can be more compelling for shoppers who might not otherwise buy your product.

Types of Testimonials

A testimonial video works as a tool to help you market your product or service. However, not all are equal. There are three main types you should be familiar with when creating such videos for your business. These include the first-person, second-person, and third-party testimonials. 

The first person is going to present themselves as a consumer who has used your services. 

The second-person type will show someone presenting on behalf of the company. While still being authentic, it gives them more chances to talk about how happy they were with your products or services. This may hold more power than simply stating their opinion as a customer. 

Lastly, the third-party one can vary depending on if they are employees or customers. It is best to be careful with what you ask of these specific people because asking them to talk about your brand may make them seem like employees (even if that isn’t true). 

Each type serves a different purpose in video marketing. Essentially, all can carry weight due to them looking less biased than other forms of endorsements. More often than not, the third-party type works best for certain products and services.

Choosing Your Online Video Editor

There are many options when it comes to choosing an online video editor. However, you should know that although they can create video content, not all will create it equally. 

To craft an effective video ad, you need a tool that offers top-notch cutting and editing features. It should also allow you to easily share your videos on social media. An online video editor such as Promo Editor has all of these. It can help you actually achieve video testimonial greatness.

Even those with no video editing experience can create quality ads using their simple editing interface. With just some drags and drops, your ad is ready in a few minutes.

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Final Word

With more and more people consuming media online, there is a growing demand for quality content. Hence, video marketing is becoming a vital component of any smart content marketer’s toolkit. To create an engaging video ad, you need to choose a platform that’s right for your business (YouTube or Vimeo) and then pick your medium (video or screenshot slideshow).

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Testimonials are one great way to market your brand and products. So you can consider adding reviews from former customers in your next video ad. When all else fails, follow Nike’s advice: Just do it!

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