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How to Choose the Best Davis and Shirtliff Water Pumps and Their Prices in Kenya

Davis and Shirtliff are among the leading distributors of different water equipment throughout East Africa. This article takes you through the main details to note on these pieces of equipment and their prices.

Davis and Shirtliff group was founded in the 1940s. It is a major supplier of many items including water pumps and other water-related equipment. Davis and Shirtliff’s headquarter is located in Nairobi, Kenya, and operates through other networks across East Africa. Here is some basic information on water pumps supplied by Davis and Shirtliff.


Portability is an important feature to examine before purchasing any machine. The lightness of the machine allows ease of movement from one place to another.  The presence of wheels and handles is also an added advantage. Portable machines are small or medium-sized, which means there is less hustle in storing and transporting the machine.


Water pumps exist in two basic categories; positive displacement and centrifugal. Both are designed to continuously pump water from one specific place to the other. The positive displacement water pump moves a fixed amount of water and is applied in industries dealing with liquids of high velocity. The centrifugal pumps, on the other hand, offer high flow rates, can be used in all applications, and are best suited for thin liquids.

Prices of Water Pumps

The prices of the water pumps vary from one to the other depending on the quality, features, size, and source of power. Davis and Shirtliff water pumps Kenya prices are affordable, but like any other suppliers, affected but the many economic driving forces.


The sole purpose of water pumps is to pump water. The pumps are used in construction sites to extract water, in sewer plants, water removal from flooded areas, and in the extraction of oil. The pumps are also used in irrigation schemes, residential building industries, etc.

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Inlet size.  Pumps with a bigger inlet valve pump more water and are therefore faster.

Quality of the pump. Quality is an important aspect to consider. Check on the brand of the pump, the motor, or the engine to be able to tell the quality.

Ease of maintenance. Make a purchase that is cheap or easy to maintain.

The rate of flow is another consideration. This is the average time spent by a water pump to move specific liters of water.

The pressure applied to move the water from one point to the other is also an important aspect.

The source of horsepower should also be put into consideration. Some pumps are operated manually others through electricity, wind power, and engines.

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Warranty. Check whether any warranties are offered for the machines if it breaks down without a cause.isaimini


Davis and Shirtliff offer the best water pumps with the advantages mentioned above. Their prices are surprisingly affordable and the quality of the pumps is outstanding. However, more research is advisable if you want to make the most suited purchase for your purpose.