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How ReBuy Used Brand Associations To Fuel Its Rebrand

Losing track of your audience may be an additional common incidence than you’d think. Most companies outline what types of customers they’re wanting to succeed in and build out their brand strategy from there.

But, over time, if brands don’t go back to their target audience and analyze their needs and wants, they risk losing track of them. And if you lose track of your audience, you’ll inevitably lose their business to your competitors.

That’s precisely what happened to reBuy many years ago. But, luckily, they knew they may address the brand trailing software system to induce back on track. So, let’s take a look at what went wrong for this more popular used physics & media eCommerce platform — and the way Latana helped them reconnect with their target audience.

Things that went Wrong for ReBuy are as Follows:

After 10 years on the market, reBuy discovered that it had misplaced track of who its prime audiences have been — in addition to what its purchasers sincerely desired in 2019. The reBUY observed that its clients have been leaping to deliver to their competition and, most troublingly, couldn’t think out why. 

To locate the solutions it needed, reBuy determined to attempt brand tracking software to look at how the insights supplied enhance its advertising and marketing strategy. First, reBuy had to work out where it presently stood with purchasers about its prime brand associations — quality & value for the price. 

Next, the logo became interesting by coming across new goal audiences it hadn’t formerly considered. To acquire each of those goals, reBuy used Latana’s brand tracking software to become aware of overall performance stages for vital brand associations — in addition, to thinking out why its goal audiences have been deciding on the competition.

What are Brand Associations?

Before we jump into the findings, let’s take a moment to discuss brand associations. In their most basic form, brand associations are the qualities or characteristics that consumers associate with a brand. 

For example, when people think about Apple, their minds go to innovative, exclusive, and cutting-edge. Or when they think about Disney, they think of words like happiness, magical, and exciting.

Brand associations, therefore, are the attributes that consumers associate with your brand, and they’re what help differentiate one brand from another. They’re earned through your brand messaging, brand image, ad campaigns, and more. Anytime a consumer has contact with your brand, they’re forming and solidifying their brand associations.

In the case of reBuy, the brand wanted to reinforce its positive associations with “quality” and “price value” — as well as discover any other potential positive associations to build on going forward.

The Findings for reBuy

Using the info gathered through its mobile-optimized surveys, Latana conferred reBuy with a completely new attainable target audience: younger customers fascinated by sustainability.

Surprisingly, it is the first time that sustainability emerged as a brand association for reBuy. Despite the brand’s perception that sustainability was important, it hadn’t actively incorporated sustainability into its branding electronic messaging, so it wasn’t expecting it to be a key consumer driver.

Additionally, reBuy discovered that its original core brand associations – quality & price for value – remained important to its target audience thanks to Latana’s data. Now, reBuy is systematically outperforming its competitors in these associations, which means that its promoting efforts have been successful.

A rep from the reBuy team even said:

“With Latana, we have seen new complete associations emerge for the first time in younger audiences. In the end, we made a stronger rebrand from the insights than we had originally planned.”

Final Thoughts

On account of the information and experiences Latana gave, reBuy comprehends its main interest groups’ relationship with its image over and above anyone’s expectations previously.

Besides the fact that the brand has affirmed that its cost-based promotion is working, it likewise has another crowd to investigate: “youthful buyers who are keen on supportability”. This crowd can now be incorporated as a piece of the brand’s key navigation going ahead — as well as a piece of any future rebranding endeavours.

These sorts of experiences make it workable for organizations like reBuy to win back their tractions in their business sectors and reconnect with their main interest groups. Keep in mind, your main interest group isn’t stale — brimming with individuals who are developing and evolving. What’s more, as they advance, so do their requirements, needs, and wants.

Furthermore, to keep up with client dependability, your image needs to stay applicable to their lives. This is best accomplished through the precise, solid information given by brand-following programming.

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